August 24, 2009 06:14 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

          Posting up another opening for Twins Sport now in Kajang..  Here are some of the snippets of what was taken.. the rest of this portfolio is already up and running on our porfolio site..  


Now the picture below is one took one helluva dedication my part as I had to brave the loud firecracking sounds while I patiently wait to squeeze a shot as the shot taken below.. I wanted to project the firecracker in action type of photo and thus with the sparks flying around emphasise the effect.. 


Actually, this shot was meant to provide an intimiate view of the details of the lion's head.. and of course the nice reflection which includes me in the centre.. Cool 

Later, we had some VIP guest national shuttlers Lee Wan Wah, Chan Chong Ming and Chew Choon Eng having 2 friendly matches with one partnering former world No 5 doubles champion and co-owner of Twins Sport Kajang..

Photography as I've said many times before is all in the timing..  the shot below was taken with one single shot and not in any burst machine gun mode.. Even with the shot below, there will be a split second in which Lee Wan Wah slows greatly in mid air while awaiting the shuttle to reach the critical smashing zone.. and in this time is which the shot below was taken..

Do remember not to use any flash photography as it is very distracting to the players and of course unprofessional..  

The shot below is taken with a f/2.8, 125msec @ 14mm with an ISO of 1600 .. This is unfortunately the max that it can go unless I opt for a D3 and I can push one further stop thanks to its ISO3200 and probably get the shot when Lee Wan Wah makes that critical contact with the shuttle... To be honest, I doubt even with a 250msec shutter speed is possible, these national players use their rackets like whips, maybe 500msec.. anything slower will just be a blur.. 

So the shot below is what the best can be done short of being in a Studio set up..  

         That's all for now, feel free to browse the portfolio section for some of our other events that we covered.. I'll post more up when I get the time.. 


Adrian Y. 

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