August 21, 2009 07:34 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

           These are some of the backlog projects done way back in June that I didn't have time to publish up but its all up and running.. here are some of the pictures here but do view the rest in our portfolio section here or the non flash porfolio here. Below are the pictures of the Twins Sport USJ19 Badminton Centre opening. 


The above picture was my artistic interpretation to highlight the date of the event. With the flow of shuttlecocks providing a flow towards the circled date which also creates depth to the image while a slight photoshop to brighten the red circled date to further emphasise it. 

The above image, I wanted to create a feeling of spaciousness of the hall as well as creating a 3D feeling of realism to the image. This was also created to help provide 'usable' images to our client, for them to use these type of images for their advert needs. We @ Ardent look to not only record the event but to also think of images that clients can use. 

The crowd in the hall after completion of the under 18 doubles tournament awaiting the prize giving ceremony. Have a great weekend ahead! 



Adrian Y. 

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