March 3, 2009 11:27 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals! 

         Whao.. we @ Ardent have been pretty busy with a lot of things hence the lack of updates and photos.. Time does fly doesn't it? Its one of those things that happens in life.. at times things are cool and calm then all of a sudden a surge of things as work gets pilled in.. so its not about fighting but rather following the flow we call life.. In the mean time..  

         So lets talk about angles.. I've noticed that many photographers out there are more interested in taking photos with different angles, just to create a different prespective to what is considered a typical image.. Frankly to say, a good image is more about composition and exposure rather than angles.. Like for an example, the Mona Lisa.. would it look as nice if Leonardo Da Vincci drew it slightly tilted? but that wouldn't stop photographers from experimenting of course..

          But that's the thing.. you can experiment in your own leisure free time but not when someone pays you for an event that cannot be repeated..  Can you imagine taking a shot of the wedding kiss in an angle that just doesn't work? You just ruined the moment doofus.. 

          So how do you know if your angles work or doesn't.. simple.. we @ Ardent have a simple yardstick to measure this..  Take a look at the bottom image for an example of some blinds that was taken at an angle..


Firstly.. does the angles make you feel nauseous after a few seconds? maybe disorientated? this is the feeling you'll get when you see those wide angle lenses and off angled shots.. it may look different at first but you just can't look and enjoy it even for a few seconds without feeling giddy.. or worse tilting your head to compensate.. If that person tilts their head to look at your image, doesn't that make the shot angle useless? why not just go with the basics? 

Secondly, the image must draw you in which requires a primary subject or main focus..

Third.. the image must then create curiosity that makes your eyes scan the entire image.. the longer you can hold a viewer's interest, the better..

Like for the top image.. frankly its just a shot of some blinds.. but notice that there's a string that creates tension by breaking the normal flow of lines.. granted that it'll be even better if the line was in of a brighter color such as red which will make the string stand even more out.. but you can't have everything in photography and for everything to come together in a perfect shot, takes a lot of luck and patience.. guess today isn't that day for that shot..

Doesn't feel the same does it?  Just feels boring.. but even then the lines doesn't make you feel nauseous or giddy.. 

Below are some macro shots of a part of an object.. the idea is to create curiosity about the item.. our minds are simply amazing and when you know how that works, you can invoke thoughts and even emotions hence the saying the 'picture moves me'  or 'that gives me inspiration' and so on..


Do I really need to take the entire object for you to know what it is? but its sufficient for you to fill in the gaps.. Of course this technique can't be applied when taking pictures of people..  

So please practice what angles work and what doesn't on your own time.. not on the client's time, as the client pays you for quality shots and not for you to train and experiment what works or doesn't.. Think of each event as a photography exam in which you have to bring your A game to.. you don't practice in an exam do you? This is what we @ Ardent practices and deliver each time we enter an event..  

That's all for now.. I'll catch you guys later..


Adrian Y. 

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