October 31, 2008 17:37 by Adrian

Whao.. what a night! Just got back from one helluva fashion show @ 1 Utama. 
There are tons of pictures to sort out .. going to look at it tomorrow.. the bed never look and feel so .. ZZzzzZzzz
Two events back to back is really tiring but hey, meeting really fun people makes the whole night worth while..
Special thanks to Patrick Chong, for bringing us to the event. Serious dude, all the effort was really worth it, kudos, an amazing show! Now go get some rest as you beginning to look like a zombie inconjunction of tonight's holloween theme. Good timing I have to say!
And thanks also to : - 
Amin, Sue Ann, WeeSien, Grace Wong and Serena Tan (because of girls like Serena, photographers like myself .. aiyah susah nak cari duit la.. Wink) .. Seriously, it was an amazing pleasure to meet all of you and I really do look forward in getting to know all of you better.. especially after sufficient sleep! 
Not forgetting the people that made this event happened, the sales team at FCUK 1Utama..

The amazing and sassy guys and gals of Gamut & Tangs... 

Lucky Amin.. or shall I say the Rose among the thorns? oops..  

The staff of FCUK 1Utama ..
Ok.. till next time..
Adrian Y. 

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