September 17, 2008 06:16 by Adrian
Ahh.. last Friday (12th Sept), I received an email from CK to let me know that the Zippo guys and gals liked the picture but required a change of lighter as that lighter design isn't part of their original designs. Its more like a custom Zippo The Embershoppe design..  Anyways, they liked it! tho I need to do a retake.. so with that, here I present to you the Zippo Advert version 1.0. .. the 2nd version which comes in two flavors (portrait & square) is what have been keeping Jacky and myself buzy since that email... 
Manage to submit version 2.0 of the Zippo advert yesterday evening in print and softcopy.. it has a slightly different style to it than this image.. will elaborate further once Zippo gives the thumbs up.. (pray pray) 
Anyway here's version 1.0. 
Just cant help but stare at it..  Cool  Now doesn't that look better than the zippo advert in Subang? sure sure.. call me bias.. Tongue out

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