December 30, 2008 10:34 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

Things haven't stop moving since reaching back KL from Penang.. tons of overdue pictures to process.. so lets get started shall we?

Ok, these are the pictures of what went down at the Curve.. Here's Ardent's Christmas angel, Analene posing along side Ardent's resident photographer, Jacky..  

Where we sat was kinda strategic to take these before Christmas pictures.. 

So far so good.. tho there were tons of 'horny' devils around..

Of course, Christmas won't be Christmas without the designated Snowman or in this case snow woman.. 

Even the devil can't help but to turn white.. 

Everyone's dousing everyone.. 

And what happens when you have a sea of people surrounding a cool Christmas tree armed to the teeth with both hands of snow sprays?

I present to you, the White Christmas in Malaysia.. 

And the group picture.. breaking with tradition, me in the picture..

Well that's about that.. New Year's Eve is going to be even more happening with MBPJ closing specific roads and is the designated area for MBPJ to launch their own NYE countdown.. ought to be great! Will keep all of you posted!


Adrian Y.  

December 28, 2008 20:15 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

How's your Christmas celebrations? We just got home not too long ago after our event in Penang which is called

The Island Dance Party 2008 @ Club Momo Penang

There are tons of pictures to sort through for prints and delivery.. and of course we'll be posting some here as well for your viewing pleasure. Its a bit late after a 4 hour drive from Penang.. damn blur cow.. We @ Ardent would like to thank the following people in no particular order: -

Mylen - The crazy nut fun but yet strangely amazingly capable (a rare mix) dude from PowerHouseAdAgency.. arranged all our accomodations and some sight seeing around Penang.. Thanks dude! .. Oh yeah, wore your helmet recently? Cool

Ben Ng -  Thanks for showing us one of the finest asam laksa as well as one indian curry house.. as well as help on navigation when we get lost around Penang.. kekkee.. our own personal human interactive GPS.. Cool

Claire Large - A real straight up DJ from London.. spent most of the time hanging out with her and its just simply fun.. believe it or not we have the exact same birthday.. down to even the year! 

DJ G-Mix, DJ Sam Chiko and DJ Sashi Blue - DJ's from KL's Aloha club.. seriously its been a pleasure meeting up with you all.. professional and yet keeping everything cool and fun.. just awesome..  

Ok.. its time to head down to sleep..  more later..


Adrian Y. 

December 24, 2008 06:29 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

We @ Ardent would like to recommend to you Godiva.. sent directly from Chocolate heaven to Belgium that which is now available to us Malaysians @ KLCC and Pavilion..

To celebrate this year's Christmas, we've decided to get a few boxes of these lovely Chocolate orgasmic delights.. seriously.. for you guys out there.. did something wrong? well give your gals Godiva and you'll be making things up in no time!

I can imagine the conversation going like ..

Guy : Hey.. you know that paint can? some how when I walked past, it dropped and gave some color to your fav chiwawa...

Gal : [uncomprehensable ultra high pitch ramble..]

Guy : Oh yeah, by the way here.. [shoves a Godiva Chocolate into her mouth]

Gal : [shuts mouth, tastes, moments of silence, eyes closed.. slight moan...]

Guy : SCORE! oops did I say that out loud?

kekke.. but unfortunately, this chocolates will burn a hole in your wallet faster than a magnifying glass in high noon.. with prices such as :-

Truffles 100g = RM 69

Normal 100g = RM 59

There are some Christmas packs in which I bought some from a lovely naughty gal called Jessica.. who laughed at her colleagues misfortune encounter with the floor..  

So here are the pictures.. first of all, I got some nifty Godiva cards.. I wouldn't call it Greeting cards as its completely blank other than the Godiva gold emboss.. so it could be a 'To Boss, I resign.. Whippieee!' type card instead.. your choice..

If you purchased those single chocolates (goes according to per gram) then you'll get a simple package like so with a godiva sticker like wax chop..

Ok and now the Christmas package.. costing around RM 80+ for 9 chocolates (After 30% discount) .. 

And its contents.. 

So if you are looking for a sure fire plan.. get these chocolates.. and it might just be a really HELLELUYAH Christmas after all...


Adrian Y. 

December 10, 2008 04:48 by Adrian

Hey guys & gals!

We've decided to chill out at Zeta bar last Saturday and go visit Louis and his band.. to enjoy their music before their contract ends on 2th January 2009..

KL Hilton is really an up market area.. every entry point has 2 guards that will check your car's undercarage and boot for bombs.. and the main entrace to KL Hilton is never short of a Ferraris.. last Sat the count was 2 Ferrari's neatly parked and tucked for all to see.. Le Meridian on the other hand although its the simese twin of KL Hilton, doesn't quite enjoy such high class show of fancy cars and I'm also guessing VIPs..

There was some free time to roam around KL Hilton and these are some of the pictures around..

Of course.. a blog entry of Zeta is never complete without pictures of the band members.. 

And our friends Amin from FCUK and his companion.. 

That's all for this round.. With Ardent's busy schedule in the coming days, I'm unsure that we'll be able to visit this band before they leave.. the next band is a 5 all gal band.. think Pussycat Dolls I guess.. Cool 

Just sneaking in here is a picture of Euphoria with their new funky sign board.. granted that I've not set foot in Euphoria for a few months now (they have to wait their turn!) but did so last Sunday to collect my Euphoria Inner Circle card.. 



Adrian Y. 

December 9, 2008 09:52 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

Waho this coming week 11th, 12th and 14th is gonna be really hectic.. but I guess its not good to question good things but just open with open arms.. even if those same arms cramp up and fall off.. Cool 

Anyway as good photographers, we need to scout the areas before hand at times.. usually we have to reach the place early and do the necessary 'walk around' and determine the proper lighting and do some test shots before the whole event starts.. 

This is a photograher's homework actually.. and in line with our professionalism, we've scouted out Jarrod & Rawlins @ Damansara Heights last saturday.. for the shoot on the 12th..  So here's the glimpse of how J&R looks like..

Frankly this is the first time I've been to J&R.. after being traumatized by Mr Ho's pork wonderland @ Mid Valley.. seriously that dude's food almost made me turn my back on siu yok..  and was afraid to try any of these german deli style of foods... anyway that Mr Ho's pork wonderland closed down and turn Carin Pharmacy.. I guess its the shop lot's way of redeeming itself since falling from grace.. Tongue out

So here I am, giving J&R a chance to change my mind ... so lets start with the opening view when one steps into J&R.. this used to be a bangalow house turn restaurant..  

We've met a cool guy Gobi which I told him reminded me of Gobi Desert.. near Mongolia.. seems like these dudes all fail geography but hey, I need them to serve me good food and not a geographical lesson so I'm cool with it.. Cool 

J&R is splitted into 4 distinct floors.. upon entering, you'll be greeted with the food counter..

then if you take a small flight of stairs up, you'll enter the fine dining J&R style.. the picture is the glimpse of the fine dining ambience that awaits.. 

Then if you take another flight up, you'll be greeted with the bar..  

And last but not least is at the bottom floor.. which holds most of the function/events and unfortunately mosquitos as well.. 


So far, the place has an extremely cozy feel to it.. not bad ambience..

Now all we've left after the tour is to sample the food.. so off we went back and pick our 'meats' from the deli counter..  If you head down there, go meet the supervisor there Gobi.. a really amazing and cool fella.. and seriously he knows his stuff.. right down to wines.. since my last encounter of a dude trying to introduce me white wine when I ordered nasi goreng.. is sufficient to say that a lot of people out there don't know nuts about their wines or food but this guy passed with flying piggies.. yumm...

Anyway this was the first victim.. melted cheese on top of portobello mushroom.. you know the ones used for Carl's JR portobello mushroom burger.. yum.. delicious.. seriously this is the only few seconds that the mushroom was left unattended.. after which somehow all was left was just the plate.. burp.. Wink it wasn't me.. trust me.. 

Ok here's the main courses.. 3 sausages of different flavors.. the most spicy of all is the dynamite flavored sausage.. seriously this isn't for the light hearted.. but for me its just perfect.. even dipped into french mustard and english mustard (has a similar kick when eating Japanese wasabi) .. seriously all of the sausages didn't have any overwhelming porkish smell and flavor.. it was just a joy.. a surprising one.. so damn you Mr Ho.. 

The picture below is just the pork bacon and fries.. oooh god that onion sauce.. which was meant for the mash potato.. try dipping the normal fries.. yummilicious.. damn.. I did ask if there was a job opening.. burp..  


So far, this place got Ardent's recommendation certification (if one ever existed in the first place) .. Strange as it is, I'm not sure if I'll be shooting pictures while taking fries dipped in onion sauce breaks.. such a distraction..  kekkee Cool

Ok, till the next time..


Adrian Y. 

November 24, 2008 10:35 by Adrian

Hey Guys & Gals!

     If any of you are interested in good live bands? well then you shouldn't go to Zeta Bar.. but if you are interested in REAAALLLY good live bands? then yeah Zeta's the place for you.. Cool

     Let me take the honors in introducing Exit-T a Canadian based band.. they don't do karaoke.. they take Celine Dion 'I'm alive' and put their own beat to it.. that's right.. check out their song list.. you ought to listen to their version of Happy Birthday.. its awesome.. right up to the point when Junior (Leading Male Vocal) gave the mic to one of the birthday gal's husband/boyfriend? and instead of just giving a short birthday wish.. NOOoOOo.. that dude decided to SING!! the old crappy version of Happy Birthday.. 

     The whole place went silent when he completed his crappy rendition of Happy Birthday to his 'darling _____' my god.. goose bumps.. even the band went silent.. probably in shock.. how I wished everyone heard me screaming "Throw him out!" even if its just in my head..  

      Exit-T will only be performing until 2nd of Jan 09 and Zeta is packed so please do call ahead to make a reservation or you'll be one of many who can't get in because the whole place is full. 

      Ok, these are the pictures of that night.. 

Jacky and Louis (the head of Exit-T who so happen kinda looks like Taylor Hicks .. maybe the Canadianized version.. Cool)  

Breaking with the taboo that photographers don't get their pictures taken, I went and kicked the black cat (I literally so happen to have a black cat in which I do kick often .. lovingly of course.. )  

The picture of the band and how dark the place is.. that's to appreciate how well expose the above pictures are.. Cool 

A good friend of Ardent.. Tik Loon.. posing with the rest of us..  

Of course.. that's Mr. Sugu.. an amazing fella.. as promised I manage to hijack him for a while to have a picture taken with him.. one of a few moments when he stood still! totally dedicated and professional to his work there @ Zeta.. which is probably one of the reason why its so well managed.. kudos ..  

And later outside, the interior of KL Hilton.. amazingly decorated.. 

Ok.. got to head off.. enjoy the pictures.. I'll catch up with all of you soon..


Adrian Y. 

November 24, 2008 09:09 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

Last Sat we were at the Curve to check on the status of the Zippo lighter advert.  Ardent's picture is 1 of 3.. and the one holding up the process is a cigar picture if I'm not mistaken.. my zippo advert's been approved long ago.. that damn cigar.. anyways.. targetted to be up in December 08.. so do check it out when visiting Embershoppe which is situated behind the Volksvagen showroom.. 

Well we did had a bit of time and decided to just do some random snaps.. seems like there'll be a big christmas tree .. you think? Cool 

Tho the white christmas tree at Pavilion KL last Christmas was much much larger and gives more of a Christmasy feeling.. unsure if this year Pavilion KL will have it again.. will snap some pics if they do..

Anyway these are some of the random pics taken by Jacky using the AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED to just take some close up of items found at Scarlet.. When things are up close, it just take a different prespective even if its an everyday object.. every object will have its own distinctive marks, nicks and scratches to give character to the object.. like so.. 

Or, you can go with a 'what's that?' type of picture.. taking a close up of just a section of an item with enough detail to get one's attention but insufficient to go 'i know what that is' straight out.. 
The rest of the shots are taken with the AF-S VR Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED lens of the rest of the interior of Scarlet.. Glenmorangie.. one of the better single malt whiskies around.. if you are the type to just bottoms up, then I suggest going with the cheaper Black Label.. good whisky is like good wine, never meant to be bottoms up.. and if you intention is just to get smashed/drunk, suggest just drinking Absinth.. gets there faster .. which is a small step before drinking pure alcohol.. (Absinthe ranges from 45% - 75%)
And this is how Scarlet looks like
A well stacked Belvedere Vodka bottles.. Ardent prefers Grey Goose.. tho its slightly cheaper than Belvedere when buying from ColdStorage.. 
I noticed that many people rarely look up.. well as a professional photographer, everything needs to be observed.. people who frequent Scarlet may not notice this wonderful chandelier..  
Ok.. that's about it for Scarlet.. afterwhich we headed down to Zeta Bar... Till then..
Adrian Y. 

November 17, 2008 13:06 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals...

After a long hectic, going on with insufficient sleep and changable weather finally KOed us last weekend. Jacky and I are down with the flu.. so we decided to just hang back and just recouperate.. with...  a... delicious.. lunch.. Nasi Bojari.. from Madam Kwan..  I could swear that it has medicinal value.. well I don't need to convince myself since this is the .. erm.. evidence.. 

Seriously if you haven't tried it already, please do, the Nasi Lemak isn't that bad either..

Oh by the way, we hanged at at Pavilion last Sunday.. was just recovering and relaxing while taking just random shots .. below are the shots taken with the ever so famous 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED-IF AF-S VR DX Zoom Nikkor.. its the perfect event and every day lens due to its immense flexibility... of course its not perfect, nothing in life ever is tho it never fails to boggle my mind to find the number of people that nit pick on every single detail.. 
Sure there are other better lenses but when you have an event and things unfold right infront of you.. plus the fact that you can't be everywhere at the same time, a versatile zoom that covers a decent wide to a tele is perfecto.. I prefer to get 'the shot' with this lens rather than switching lenses and lose it.. better safe than sorry... if I've got Jacky to back me up or if I got the time during quieter periods of the event, sure I won't mind switching lenses.. and switch back to this baby when show starts..
I have to sallute Nikon for coming up with this lens launched way back on the 1st of Nov 2005.. Canon just only recently launched its own version of the 18-200 f/3.5-5.6.. an almost 3 years later.. tho Tamron and Sigma introduced its own tho its a f/3.5-6.3.. 
Anyway, these are the pictures of a EPICentre event showcasing Apple products at the main lobby of Pavilion KL..  
Ok, now the zoomed in pictures, can you spot where the pictures below are taken from the wide angle shots above? kekek like hunting for Waldo..  
Zoomed right in at 200mm.. with a purported 4 stop of VR, one should be able to handhold this baby with up to 1/25sec shutter speed...  
Just took a candid shot of the entrance of Pavilion before we headed back to PJ..  
More next time.. hopefully to recover as soon as possible.. till then..
Adrian Y.