April 5, 2010 05:50 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!


          Whao, its been a while since I've manage to find the time to update this blog.. apologies apologies, the start of 2010 has left much to be desired.. But much on that later on, anyway the Sepang F1 has just been concluded yesterday.. Congrats to Vettel and Webber from RedBull in winning 1st and 2nd place.. in the hot hot Sunday, heck its just such an endurance circuit... not only for the drivers but for the spectators too.. 

          I had first hand experience when I decided to check out the practice runs.. here's the photos.. 

         Yeah.. its blazingly hot!

        For those who's new to Sepang, this is what greets you after the gates of Sepang.. Only to see this which is as far as the eye can see.. So yeah bring tons of sunblock and water.. anyway get ready to pay RM5 for coke, RM 20 for a burget or RM20 for a few sticks of satay.. 

Below's the view from the grandstand overlooking of the starting grid overseeing the pits..


Another view from the other side ..

Yeah.. this is the view using the 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 Nikkor lens.. as close as you get with this from that range..

So we decided to walk to the final hair pin at the end of the straight.. which the photo below is at the farthest end.. 

Ah, Micheal Shumy's pit crew of the Mercedes GP Petronas Formula 1 Team..

Took some shelter from the heat at close to the end of the grandstand.. 

Anyway, I decided to do some panning techniques.. Below are some of the shots taken right after the hairpin turn while the car is just about to accelerate for the final straight.. Taken at 200mm @ 1/20s

The above shot was shot as is, below is the crop.. 

Granted that the sunlight is glazing those shiny surfaces.. anyway more panning shots..


These are also at 200mm but focused at the other side of the circuit.. the camera and car are within similar heights which helps ensure sharpness.. and of course close up panning is much more difficult.. 

Below's the view of the end of the grandstand.. 

Ah a parting shot of Micheal Shumy finishing his test laps.. 

   Ah.. going back you'll see the KLIA control tower as the backdrop of this huge and extremely loud Sepang F1 circuit..  That's the end of my trip.. there are plenty of other backlog entries that I've to find time publish so yeah, hope that you guys be patient and wish us all the best for 2010..  More soon..


Adrian Y.

August 10, 2009 12:51 by Adrian

 Hey everyone!

              Now ok, lets have a break from drinks and the night life to talk about one of the yummiest topic in town.. food! so lets start with this place at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park called Rajah Brooke Cafe.. Rajah Brooke a.k.a. James Brooke if the first white Rajah of Sarawak.. the rest of his biography can be found here. So yeah its no surprising that this place serves up Sarawak inspired dishes..   

The front of the shop looks like so..  nothing fancy.. simple.. but we aren't here for the deco are we..  

The inside of the cafe..  

Another view towards the inside of the cafe.. 

The mid section view..

Ok, now for all my visits here, there's only 1 drink and 1 dish I always order.. till the day I get bored of it, then change.. hehehe.. anyway my favourite drink is the one below.. the famous Sarawak 3 layer tea.. the top layer is tea, then the milk and finally gula Melaka.. 

Unlike so many other places which serves this drink which can be either too milky or too sweet, this place, its just perfect.. just can't stop sipping.. trust me..

And my favourite.. Kolo Mee.. although some are saying this isn't the true 100% Sarawak Kolo mee.. I'm ok with it.. don't forget to order with the special imported Sarawak mee rather than the standard Hakka Mee.. 

A closer crop of the Kolo mee.. yummliicous.. Cool 

Anyway catch you guys soon.. take care..


Adrian Y. 

August 3, 2009 03:17 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

          Hope things have been going great for all of you as much as things over at Ardent's side.. Apologise for the late updates and all, its been a quite busy for us.. will really need to find time to start updating the portfolio section .. hehehe to clear the back log..  Cool 

          Anyway, these are some of the shots taken a few weeks back during Ben's stint at Sky Bar.. 

          I had this amazing angle with the 14-24mm lens that creates a realistic depth to the image plus having the KL tower nicely at one corner (as compared to it directly on top of his head) adds to the distance to the image.. 

          Here are some of the unique cocktails Ben's knocking out..           

         First of.. the Sunset Sipper.. now this is a blend of vanilla, pumpkin puree, ginger ale and top of the line belvedere vodka.. seriously, everything compliments one another to the point none of it is distinct making it one helluva tantalizing joy ride for the senses.. 

ahh.. a more manly drink.. stronger.. called the Silk Road..  smooth and strong.. unique in its own way.. 

For the ladies.. I introduce you to .. the 'feminist' ...  yummilicious..  according to the women trying it out.. trust me..  a mix of strawberry, lime wedge, some X-rated liqueur (don't ask me how's it made.. ) and vodka.. ultimately sinful.. 

Then we had the Straits Cobbler..  a mix of pineapple chunks and Captain Morgan's spice rum.. add some vanilla syrup and deco with lime wedge .. and you get a really happy photographer.. wheeee...  in taking beautiful cocktail pictures.. of course.. 

    Ok now for some other random images taken that night.. 

    Nice and ice cold.. champagne anyone?

    Below is Jacky, modeling to promote Ben's services.. behind her is Vincent from TWE nicely sipping away while the remains of all the wondeful cocktails made by Ben that has came and gone ceremoniously laid infront for everyone to see..  

Now.. after seeing Ben, I manage to find his rythm and take some more action shots of this fella.. everything is about timing and photography isn't much different.. there is always a few split seconds of sanity in Ben's routine which is where I pull the trigger.. 

Below is another on the spot action shot with the KL tower in the background.. had to compose fast and just take that one shot.. no machine gunning for the pros.. one shot one kill.. ala sniper..  

Had to take the shot below.. which is a glass of freshly poured Red Bull.. the tiny lines at the bottom of the glass is actually the concentrated sugar moving around.. zoomed in enough, one can actually see it..

There.. can you see those things at the bottom? subtle but its there..  


Not sure what this is named, probably a lychee martini with belvedere vodka.. taken zoomed out at 200mm.. 

Again demonstrating that its all in the timing.. zoomed out at 200mm, this person is the waiter picking up the lychee martini to be served.. and in that split second, there is calm.. this shot is taken 1/6 of a second, held steady 6 stops slower or 2 stop slower than what is possible with the VR activated (Nikon stated that the VR can give a 4 stop advantage)  ... Of course we could have taken this shot at 1/3 sec zoomed in at 200mm but the person will move by then hence this speed was at the edge of freezing everything.. 

This is also taken at 200mm, 1/6s .. one shot..  

A photo of a margaritta.. I think.. looks yummy got to say..  

This is Ben's Fig and Clove Mojito.. seriously, nobody does Mojito like Ben.. refreshing.. you so got to try at least once.. and every other mojito will never taste the same..

I didn't get this drink  so I had to sneakily snap this .. 130mm, 1/6s .. easy peasy.. that's Vincent's sexy hairless hand by the way.. oops.. (its smooth and silky due to the depth of field but going to just bug him anyway)

Another yummy cocktail with a cheery on top..  

Yeah.. Michelle and Jacky being all buddy buddy..  


            Michelle and Vincent's gang of the night..  here at Ardent, we specialize in night events, bringing out the richness in color and contrast irregardless of how dimly lit it is.. No more of those spotlight type night photos and unbalanced lighting causing heads to shine bright with everything else dim.. here at Ardent we go for the natural look, what you see is what you get down to the ambience and skintones.. 

            That's all folks.. had to leave early for the next day's round of activities.. early as in 12am, thanks Ben for all the great drinks and seriously damn you for raising our standards to such a level that no other mojito or margaritta tastes the same again..  hehehe cheers bro! till the next time.. 


Adrian Y. 

June 9, 2009 04:33 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

       I hope everyone's doing great as we are over here.. man how do we love our new baby lens Cool actually its more like a big big baby.. my d300 + 14-24mm f/2.8 + SB-800 will weigh easily 2.5kg..  one helluva workout especially when carrying for 4+ hours straight during assignments..  that's why I wonder why would anyone buy a battery grip? my single battery can last way above 600 shots with my 18-200mm with VR on.. seriously adding weight isn't something I plan to do..  maybe the grip is used for portriat photography? well I'm more than capable of taking portriats at ease and of stability without the grip.. 

        So unless you plan to have larger forearms.. I suggest splurging RM888 for the battery grip for the d300.. or alternatively eat RM888 worth of spinach! Smile

         Anyway.. this coming sunday, we are commissioned to cover the opening of Twins Sports Badminton Hall USJ 19.. designed personally by former World No 5 Doubles Champion Mr Yap Yee Hup.. the courts is designed through his 11 years coaching and playing experiance to give the best playing experiance possible at affordable rates.. such as rubberized (not those yucky sticky type rubber courts), green cloth partition to prevent stray light from other sections and proper grand stand style seating! only 3 rows but good enough to do a mexican wave if one needs to.. Cool 

         Not to mention a well designed and ventilated shower/changing room, CCTV/security guard service in the evening and a whole lot more refinements that goes into creating the best badminton hall one can get..  Mr Yap is similar to Ardent's passion in giving the best first, profits second.. other halls, is the other way around.. more courts I can squeeze = more money.. Never quite liked playing in a sardin can.. do you? for the same price? why suffer?

          Below is a picture of the centre section of the hall.. taken with of course with our new baby 14-24mm..  there's a link for the full size version if you really need to zoom into the farthest end to see how sharp this lens is.. I have.. Cool 

DSC_6696Large.JPG (2.09 mb)

        Next week Ardent will be off Malaysia for some R&R.. expect more beautiful scenery/landscape pictures.. Wink  till then, I'll leave you with a picture of suction bear all geared up for swimming! I'll also post my experiences on this lens once I get the time..   

                Till then.. take good care and have a great day ahead..
Adrian Y. 

April 6, 2009 09:30 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

       How's things been going? this week is rather interesting, filled with new places, new people and just new opportunities..  Jacky and I joined Timothy (a cool dude with some fast N furious ride Cool) to support Ben who's doing a two back to back days event at the Sky Bar @ Traders Hotel.. more pics on that soon.. in the mean time, here are some of the pictures that I took of 7 Ate 9 .. while 7's buzy eating 9, we all ate pizza instead.. 


Adrian Y. 


January 23, 2009 09:12 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

     Whao, We @ Ardent haven't stop working yet ever crossing the New Year of 09.. Apologise for all the delays in posting up pictures.. So lets continue..

A few weeks back, Clare invited Jacky and myself over to meet some of her wicked friends, first picture is taken at Zouk Aristo where Clare's friend Donovan (Resident DJ) is playing.. 

After which we moved camp towards Space @ The Loft KL (Asian Heritage Row @ Jalan Dorasamy KL) to meet up with Glen and a few of her other friends.. 

Breaking with tradition again, one cool Brit wanted to take pictures with my camera which I obliged..  

Just on the next table, there was a birthday celebration and these were the pictures taken of them.. 

Below is Clare and her friend from France.. 

While leaving Space, just took a quick snap below.. 

Didn't take that many pictures of the surroundings as it wasn't an official event.. The whole place has a concrete feel from the chairs to the tables.. all made of cement / concrete type of materials.. but they placed cushions strategically in areas which your butt somewhat lands on.. and nifty light linings around which just gave a different feel to the place..

The MoMo Penang pictures are already up under the work section (Events II) or click here to view them.. Chinese New Year 09 is at our door step and we are all buzy doing all the necessary preparations.. Till then.. have a great long weekend and don't forget to drive safe!  


Adrian Y. 

January 3, 2009 08:17 by Adrian

Hey ah Hey!

December was filled with events and tons of pictures to process, develop, deliver and post.. there's a huge back log and I'm hoping to get everything cleared and sorted out before Chinese New Year..

There are 2 projects which I've not yet posted up on Ardent's site yet as its still pending delivery / approval from the client and I'm hoping that will be soon.. Can't have too many back logged stuff or it'll just end up in the procrastination bin and will never see the light of day.. you know how that works.. Cool

Ok, lets continue with our Penang's travelog..

This is the view of the famous Penang bridge framed by the hotel curtains in my room..  

Later we headed off in search for food.. which by Penang's standard is never more than a 5 minutes walk in any direction.. mine was just 3 minutes walk out of the hotel..  

I decided to try out the Penang char koay teow.. the sign below is really misleading as the spacing in between the words really would have meant Char Koay Teow + Fried Rice mix.. Cool oh well.. anyway anyone from KL, RM 4 for a Char Koay Teow (small) is kinda standard.. now as in December of 2008 on wards.. gone were the days small = RM 2.50.. price of things have greatly skyrocketted to the planet of belt tightening fetish.. 


Anyway to my amusement.. RM4 in this shop in Penang will get you.. about this much..  

I've placed my old and trusted buddy k800i phone next to it for comparison.. tho to its defence, there are 2 big prawns there.. The taste? superbo! There's another famous char koey teow which you'll pay even more and have to wait a good 30 minutes for one plate.. didn't bothered with it as my trusted Penang guide Ben Ng didn't think it was that great to justify the 'suffering' required in terms of money and time just for that..  

Ah this is the 2nd hotel that we stayed in Penang.. Sunway Hotel.. not bad.. located about 1 KM from Komtar building.. tho personally I preferred BayView hotel as its next to Momo, Moist and SOHO clubs... you know.. for logistic reasons... Wink 

I've seen a few famous photographers taking pictures of brides coming out from wooden doors.. and me spending most of my life in KL/PJ area, have no idea where in hell did they get those type of buildings to shoot from.. only did I realize that in Penang, just opposite Sunway hotel, there are rows and rows of these type of wooden door like old school feeling type of buildings..

So I decided to take a snap shot of one.. just put a gal in the middle, shoot it with a wide angle lens and walla.. you get a professional bridal portriat.. cough cough.. or so it seems..  

Ah.. Penang.. in KL we got our Berjaya Times Square.. in Penang.. you'll get the ordinary out of the mill Times Square (without Berjaya = Success wording).. its not open yet tho.. and besides in our trip in Penang, we've never not once set foot into a shopping mall..  

Had to take a picture of this dude.. in Penang, wherever you decide to park your car, there's always SOMEONE who'll ask you to pay a RM 3 car park fee.. that someone can be just about anyone..  

While walking around, at the first corner, this is what I saw.. a row of food stalls just waiting to start business.. it was about 2pm.. at 3pm this quiet stalls will be all busy bees serving thier hotest dish to many paying customers.. 

Walking further down.. I encountered "The Advance Computer Centre" .. Somehow it just didn't work for me..

Went back to the hotel and took some evening snap shots..  

Got to really say, the view is serene and just melodic.. not quite like KL with all the towering buildings around..

The next and final day in Penang.. Mylen brought all of us down to the beach again.. in Batu Ferrenghi.. 

Below is some random gal enjoying the breeze at the beach.. 

And of course a picture of our Penang Macha.. Mylen.. 

Jacky & Clare..  

Enjoying seafood and chicken tom yam.. do be prepared to pay tourist prices for these.. 

And the best of all.. the guest houses along the beach.. the most famous of em all is the 'Ah Beng Guest House' .. Unfortunately there weren't any Ah Lian guest houses next to it.. Frown 

In departing Penang, we decided to take the ferry back..  

Its a good decision as it was already around 6+ and the sun was just about to set which is perfect to take some nice parting wide angle shots of Penang.. 

Ah and at the golden 5 minutes of sunset..  

Ok not exactly perfect but by the time I took that last picture, the ferry was about to dock.. 4 hours later driving in the dark and with continuous rain throughout our journey back.. we finally reach KL at around midnight..

Till the next time..


Adrian Y. 


December 30, 2008 18:56 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals,

We've travelled down to Penang back on Christmas day departing KL at about 10.30am for 2 back to back events down at Penang island on Fri and Sat.. 

and this is our journey.. 

Strangely enough, the whole journey was cloudy.. not a single ray of direct sunlight shined through.. it didn't rain tho there were plenty of low lying clouds around that made me question whether I took the wrong road and was heading up to Genting Highlands instead Laughing

Ah, when you see mountains being carved like so? you are definately in Perak..  

If you look closely, at the top there are those mini bulldozers.. seriously its just to show the scale of the entire operation.. takes guts to drive up there.. more so during the rain..

After leaving Ipoh Utara, you'll end up paying another toll and begin driving up the hill.. and instead of a grand master with white beared to greet you, instead you get a big hole.. in a form of a tunnel.. like so.. 

And as right on cue, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.. whew.. 

After driving for another hour or so (depending if you are a law abiding citizen or another Malaysia boleh hero), you'll past Perak right into Kedah where you'll see a few padi fields and pass a river.. 

Soon you'll past Kedah and touch down in Penang mainland.. another 30 minutes or so you'll end up here.. with the rest of the penang kias.. queuing up to enter the Penang bridge.. seriously, I thought KL jam was bad, Penang bridge jam? well.. you should try to believe.. tho fortunately, I didn't get the worst of it..  

One sign that I found cute was this sign, which counts the number of road accidents since Jan of 2008.. whao.. someone actually keeping count..  

Cheh.. only 17! good track record right? 

Oops.. 176.. strangely enough, there isn't much those liquid paper or signs of the number being repainted again and again.. technically it should have a total of 176 coats of white and red paint overlapping with each number change..

Just when I was thinking of that number change.. I saw this.. 

Aiya.. tambah satu lagi ooi! (add one more to the count!) You would think that they should have those flip number cards.. simple! 

The picture above is the star of the Penang bridge.. as you can see there are construction on both outer side of the bridge as there is a 3rd extra lane being built to accomodate more cars.. Problem is that at times, I heard that 1 of the functioning lane will be closed to facilitate the build of the 3rd lane which luckly is handled in the middle of the night.. and unlike KL, on the Penang bridge, being stuck in traffic here even at 1am in the morning is a possibility! make me love KL all of a sudden..

Approaching the island.. yay! 

Upon reaching to the island, our good friend Ben Ng took us to his favourite coffee shop near his house to taste one of Penang's finest asam laksa.. got to say, the soup is really good.. not those diluted stuff.. loved it! 

And yes, the legendary small portions of Penang is true.. I took this picture along side with my K800i phone as comparison to the size of the bowl.. the length of my phone is the diameter of the bowl! damage to wallet? RM 2.50 ..  

You see, the trick is not to eat much in Penang.. you eat a bit here.. go around then eat a bit some more later..  where as in KL, you gorge up one big meal and last for hours.. don't believe me? in Penang, kopitiam at 3-4pm is FULL HOUSE! in KL? you won't find any food at this hours.. 

Like Ben said to me, in Penang, you'll never go hungry..  unfortunately he didn't say I wouldn't go broke either..  

After meeting up with Ben, we met up our client Mylen and his UK DJ Claire Large..  we ended up seeing a bit of Penang such as the Thai Buddhist Temple.. 

That's Claire.. taking one of those tourist type photos..  

The largest sleeping and standing buddha in KL is in the buddhist temple in Brickfields.. I said KL.. if you said largest in Malaysia? Penang is the right place.. let me present to you, the largest sleeping buddha.. 

And tallest standing buddha.. 

After that we decided to head down to Batu Ferringhi.. the famous beach spot in Penang island.. I was wearing long pants and leather shoes.. to Mylen's amusement called it James Bond shoes.. on a BEACH! damn fool.. nobody told me I'll be at a beach straight upon touching down to Penang bro! Tongue out

Mylen.. a really cool funny fella.. an indian that curses in fluent chinese.. Cool in Penang, the way those fellas drive? one needs to curse to release pent up anger or the island will just end up killing one another.. think of it as a anger management technique.. seriously.. trust me.. I'm an expert.. just don't ask what.. keke Cool 

After that we headed down to Mylen's house to sample some of his mom's famous fried chicken.. unfortunately that macha forgotten to inform his mom.. Claire later told me that his mom's cooking is superb.. in which adds another reason why I should kick Mylen where .. well his mom is super nice.. wouldn't want to rob her of proper decendents.. lucky Mylen..  Laughing

On coming back, we took the ferry.. to give us a different feel of travel since we all already used the bridge.. why not try another way..

In Penang, you only pay to go TO the island and nothing to come back.. so the Penang bridge will cost you RM 7 where as the ferry will eat up RM 6.. the journey is quite fast and smooth but this is dependant on the tide and the height of the waves..  

Yes.. its extremely windy..

Since we didn't eat any dinner, we decided to proceed to Ben's recommendation for dinner.. at some indian food place at New World Park.. strangely kept reminding me of Jurassic Park New World some how.. Tongue out 

The food there was amazing! had plenty of papadums.. yumm.. Later we went on to a club called SOHO..

Its quite open in Penang.. the ground floor of SOHO, you'll find tranvestites.. other places you'll find gays as well.. anyway we decided to be safe and hang up upstairs instead..

Normally, the music here isn't that loud but on that day.. upon entering we were greeted with a technorized version of Ghost Busters.. we bolted out of there 10 minutes later as it was so loud we couldn't even hear one another.. that's even after SHOUTING at ear shot.. jeez..

Anyway we decided to call it a night and just headed back to the hotel.. 

This is the view from the 10th floor of the BayView Hotel..  That's the famous KOMTAR building in Penang..

That's all for this journey.. there are plenty of pictures to come especially of the sexy chicks during that hot event in Penang.. I'll let you know what I found out about Penang night life and the gals there.. its an eye opener I must say.. more later!


Adrian Y.