December 1, 2009 17:00 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

            Whao, Nov and Dec is one hectic period for us here at Ardent.. This is what I consider as 'Happy' problems, as it helps expand and promote Ardent's quality photography out to the rest of Malaysia. It Christmas time and Robinsons had their Christmas Launch in early Nov and here are a quick run through of a sample of photos. The rest can be viewed in Robinson's website here

             The photo below is to give the viewer the feel of a large crowd eagerly awaiting for the opening of the Christmas Launch event. With the sea of heads flowing towards the Robinsons sign as well as the Christmas tree on the left of the photo, brings together a few key words, Christmas, large crowd and Robinsons..  Every photo we take is purposely crafted to give a message to the viewer.

Below is another interpretation of the same message as above..   


The photo below is just to illustrate the length of the queue that stretches to quite a distance towards the other end of The Gardens Mid Valley. 

And the shutters are raised and the crowed comes in. Key things, people coming in, people holding gift bags and staff giving gift bags.. 

Of course the flow of crowd entering Robinsons along with the necessary Christmas deco that signifies the event..  

2 models posing, wearing Sorella designed outfits.. What's she holding there? 

Yeah ok.. the photo below is meant to provide some clarity on the card she's holding..  that's all.. honest..

Trust me..  


Then of course, Christmas won't be complete without carolers right..  

And who can miss Santa? A one helluva photo taken when everyone's giving Santa their UOB credit card.. I guess that's one way to make sure you are on Santa's Good List..  Typical Malaysian.. Hey Santa, boleh settle? Cool 

Photos of Santa reading some children stories to .. well.. children of course.. Smile 

And of course the fashion show.. The same gal I've met during Robinson's 2nd Year Anniversary.. she's such an angel, never fail to pose for me.. Anyway, finally got the chance to say hello and gave her my name card.. for friendship purposes.. trust me.. Cool 

Some other photos from the fashion show.. 

The models of the fashion show taking a group photo..  

Some of the other fellas with cameras taking their fill of the models around them..  seriously, you can have the best equipment ever which will all comes to nothing if you start taking photos with such 'style' or more precisely lack of...  aiyo uncle, style la sikit.. Cool this uncle looks like a peeping tom la.. 

Ah.. there's also a string quartet..  

The shot below, taken at 200mm, 1/50s..  its all in the timing.. Cool

So how do one send a message of a musical instrument playing a particular type of music? well, the shot below does illustrate that perfectly...  

        Of course.. the ever so beloved MC, Ms Hannah Tan in a purple dinasour barnie dress, posing alongside two winners with their Robinsons gift vouchers.. 
         So there it is.. this is what we do here @ Ardent.. we strive to give you the most natural photos without sacrificing any color or feel towards the image.. 
         Anyway, I hope to have more time to update this blog, hope all of you extend us some patience as we juggle between work, work and work.. Cool Have a great week forward...
Adrian Y.  

November 13, 2009 02:34 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

          Its that time of year where the big dude from the melting North Pole comes to visit with tons of goodies for good kids all over the world... which means that if you don't get a visit, means that you've not been thaaaaat good to qualify..  Cool

           So in the mean time while you guys do your last minute good stuffs, Robinsons are launching their Christmas collection 2009 later tonight at 6.30pm. We @ Ardent are really honored to be invited back to cover this event. Thanks Robinsons and we look forward in covering the event with the quality and dedication that makes Ardent a brand to rely on. 

           See all of you guys and lovely ladies tonight! 


Adrian Y.          

August 21, 2009 07:34 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

           These are some of the backlog projects done way back in June that I didn't have time to publish up but its all up and running.. here are some of the pictures here but do view the rest in our portfolio section here or the non flash porfolio here. Below are the pictures of the Twins Sport USJ19 Badminton Centre opening. 


The above picture was my artistic interpretation to highlight the date of the event. With the flow of shuttlecocks providing a flow towards the circled date which also creates depth to the image while a slight photoshop to brighten the red circled date to further emphasise it. 

The above image, I wanted to create a feeling of spaciousness of the hall as well as creating a 3D feeling of realism to the image. This was also created to help provide 'usable' images to our client, for them to use these type of images for their advert needs. We @ Ardent look to not only record the event but to also think of images that clients can use. 

The crowd in the hall after completion of the under 18 doubles tournament awaiting the prize giving ceremony. Have a great weekend ahead! 



Adrian Y. 

July 20, 2009 05:08 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

       After a long busy week processing a heap of photos for a few projects from last week, we @ Ardent decided to just chill out and doing that in style by spending Sat night at Sky Bar @ Traders Hotel KL.   

      For a period from 15th to 18th July and 23rd to 25th July, Ben Ng who started out bartending at the age of 17, mixing it from his hometown's Farquhar Bar in the Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang to West London's chic Baroque. Today he's a highly sought after as a consultant and trainer in the art of mixology. With a breadth of experience spanning Moscow, Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta and Bali, Ben is now bringing his edgy cocktails to SkyBar.. That's what its written on the LCD screen, of course this down sampled version is going to be too small to read but I've cropped it so that it'll be enlarged in the below version. 


So, feel free to drop by and check his lovely cocktails out.. seriously if you get to see him behind the bar, he's like a road runner, mixing up all his cocktails in sheer percision and passion.. every single detail of the drink from the taste down to the outlook as in what to decorate it and what glass it best be presented.. all of these small little details that escape the regular customers but for this dude? its all about getting the cocktails right and of course at blazing light speed.. 

The next few series of images are taken in Black and White.. it only works well in certain arrangements such as to highlight big clear texts and when the subject is of large enough to draw the viewer..  

SkyBar made a really cool menu just for his event..  

Ok the drinks is a bit hard to read but basically he fused local fruits in his cocktails in this round of selections such as Mangosteen Mist, Rambutan Runner and Mango & Rambutan Daiquiri among others.. 

Got to say, its all lovely! damn this fool is going to make Ardent bankrupt in no time.. 

Below are the pictures of MOET.. shot using our new baby AF-S 14-24mm Nikkor lens..  

The idea is to just get the wordings in sharp focus with the rest slowly blurred away.. 

And back to color.. below is a shot taken at 200mm using the popular AF-S 18-200 Nikkor..  The idea is to see the wordings but yet get the sweat and the ice surrounding it.. 

Ah.. back to the delicious cocktails..  the Rambutan and Mango Daiquiri ... yummlicious!

This one.. erm.. terlupa.. but taste amazing as well..  

Ah.. and the maestro himself.. Ben Ng.. taking this dude's picture is an artform in itself..  as he doesn't stop moving, one needs to predict his 'tempo' and snap during his slower movements.. but I've a feeling he's purposely puting things in front of him whenever my camera is raised ready to snap.. time to go for long range zoom.. paparazi style!

I wanted a picture of Ben overlooking the KL Tower in the background.. its seriously an amazing bar to both work and just hang and chill.. 

Ben.. all serious in preparing the drinks..  no playing with this dude when it comes to work..   

And more so when it comes to my drinks.. hehehe.. as I'll be photographing it after he's done with it.. 

And the final shot of the length of the busy bar..  

So that's about it for our Saturday night out with Ben Ng supplying the intoxicating and yummilicious cocktails..  So do drop by to SkyBar on 23rd to 25th July and sample the unique and lovely cocktails by Ben.. try the Mango and Rambutan.. I wonder if he'll start using Durian soon.. Cool more later!


Adrian Y.  

April 6, 2009 11:41 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

        Like I said, last week was really hectic.. and now got to just catch up on this website.. I've re-organized the main page and manage to archive some of our 2008 shots into a separate page instead of everything cluttered into Events I, Events II and Events III.. yeah the Events Triology..  Tongue out

         Getting back to the pictures, below are the pictures taken from Ben's Fluid Alchemy event at the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel.. called SkyBar... 



Timothy and Jacky posing for some quick pics..  

Then Ben had to make it a threesome...  

erm.. Jacky got out of the way.. add me.. which leaves 3 normal dudes chilling for a photo.. that's it.. trust me.. 

Am pretty tired for a Monday.. catch you guys and gals later..



Adrian Y. 

April 1, 2009 17:56 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

        How's everyone doing? Hope 09 has been treating you with goodies ya! We @ Ardent ended March with the launching of  'Flight of Green Fairy'.. Abstinthe babeh! @ Werner's On Changkat.. located along Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang.. TWE Enterprise did all Malaysians a favour in bringing in Absinthe.. until yesterday I thought it was still banned in the UK but it got lifted a few years back.. wheee!

         Originated in Switzerland.. I guess when the whole world was so into starting wars and such, our good swiss friends just went the happy booze way.. which wasn't all that bad.. with an alcohol content ranging from 45% - 75%.. yeah 75% babeh.. the only legal alcohol drink that has a warning, do not consume more than 3 shots of any one time.. hhhmm.. don't drink and drive ya!

          We were guests of Ben Ng ... that mixologist dude who's hell bent in making me a bankrupt, one shot at a time..  anyway we were there early at 5.30pm to take some pre-event shots of the place..  


        Anyway, to cut a long story short, we got to meet a few familiar faces such as Sugu from Zeta Bar KL.. We got to meet Vincent and Michelle Loh.. really fun, friendly and down to earth.. Eva.. the boyfriend gal who made that lovely gift (a collection of informative and creatively designed cards, tied with a string along with a tiny bottle containing .. you guessed it.. Absinthe..) , Felicia.. the gal whom initially performed a 'tarik harga' routine... 'aiya a lot of photographers to choose.. I get back to you...' then later.. she's like in every other picture.. aiya headache la to photoshop.. hehhe Cool

        Of course, not forgetting Timothy as well as Keith..  what can I say.. not much especially after Kieth started the conversation with 'I got this back room' which probably didn't mean anything but after Absinthe, it just felt so wrong.. in the end, we got to know that the room is white.. mostly thanks to Kieth.. all we ended up was informing Kieth that he might have missed a spot on the ceiling.. keep trying dude! winners aren't quitters ya! hahahhaa Cool  (I've a feeling I'll so get poisoned by my next drink from this dude!)

        Andreas.. of course.. the charming dude from Werner.. thanks for welcoming and making us feel at home.. you got an amazing place! 

        Finally, congratulations to TWE's team in making this event a success.. maybe next time Ardent can be an official part of it as well Cool  You guys and gals conducted your roles professionally, payed close attention to the finer details, passionate and above all, Jacky and I left the place feeling deeply honored to have met all of you.. whom if I maybe so bold, to call my friends.. 

        I hope to see all of you in the near future.. In the mean time, as a snippet of what went down that night, here are some of the pictures.. the rest can be viewed at our profile gallery located here ..  


Adrian & Jacky 


And here I present to you.. an Absinthe inspired cocktail..  


December 28, 2008 20:15 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

How's your Christmas celebrations? We just got home not too long ago after our event in Penang which is called

The Island Dance Party 2008 @ Club Momo Penang

There are tons of pictures to sort through for prints and delivery.. and of course we'll be posting some here as well for your viewing pleasure. Its a bit late after a 4 hour drive from Penang.. damn blur cow.. We @ Ardent would like to thank the following people in no particular order: -

Mylen - The crazy nut fun but yet strangely amazingly capable (a rare mix) dude from PowerHouseAdAgency.. arranged all our accomodations and some sight seeing around Penang.. Thanks dude! .. Oh yeah, wore your helmet recently? Cool

Ben Ng -  Thanks for showing us one of the finest asam laksa as well as one indian curry house.. as well as help on navigation when we get lost around Penang.. kekkee.. our own personal human interactive GPS.. Cool

Claire Large - A real straight up DJ from London.. spent most of the time hanging out with her and its just simply fun.. believe it or not we have the exact same birthday.. down to even the year! 

DJ G-Mix, DJ Sam Chiko and DJ Sashi Blue - DJ's from KL's Aloha club.. seriously its been a pleasure meeting up with you all.. professional and yet keeping everything cool and fun.. just awesome..  

Ok.. its time to head down to sleep..  more later..


Adrian Y. 

November 12, 2008 10:18 by Adrian

 Ah.. attended Rain Bistro's openning last night 11th Nov 2008 with special invitations from no other than our good friend Mr. Marvin. 

Anyway these are some of the pictures taken of that night. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not the official photographer for this event hence am a bit more cavalier in taking these shots.. Not much of group shots of other people as its already been taken by the 2 official photographers on site, no need to have 2 of the same pics if you get what I mean.. it'll just be a total waste of my time to begin with.

On first reaching there, little did I know there were food! damn it.. and I already ate..  

Ahh.. the registration counter..  

Since the two other photographers are flashing here and there, I've decided to go with more natural shots that brings out more of the mood of the place. 

There were no shortage of pretty lass trying to push you one step closer into retirement in bankruptsville... tho personally whomever picked their outfit has good taste as it .. well.. made the guys go ga ga over the gals at the same time doesn't look like a slut.. more like a beach outfit..

That night Ardent met up with friends from Embershoppe, Vincent & Chris.. of course the gal below isn't Chris.. Tongue out

And then we met up with some of our entertainer friends.. below is Ibrahim showing his various tricks..  

That's Vincent's RM50.. serious dude, I could do magic as well, give me that and I'll transform it to a jug of beer! walla.. now to get myself a top hat, coat and a wand. I'm all set.. Cool 

Now this was an interesting shot.. I didn't bring my tripod hence I relied quite heavily on the VR of the 18-200mm lens.. the round lights below? those are flashing randomly and only a slow shutter speed can bring it out and bring it out I did.. even manage to get one of the promotion gals as well..  

Now the guru in action.. fork bending.. Mamak shops beware, better count your forks when you see this dude at your shop.. or it'll end up as a decorative art like the preceeding photo will illustrate.. 

See? mamak utensil sculptures.. 

Decided to head out to see what's going on..  

Food.. foood... its obvious that the caterer isn't a photographer since that chef statue is illuminated from down to up, making it as if its possessed..  other than freaky chef statue, its all good..

Another view of the people outside enjoying the buffet.. 

Ok the next series of shots are of a competition to see who'll win the prize of RM 200.. good fun and games..

Until you get your picture taken by me while doing this..  

or this.. 

or this fella..

the same.. but with creative lighting from the top.. 

and the two finalists.. get to do.. what I'm sure what most boys would have gotten in primary school for misbehaving.. 

and the winner is.. 

Ok .. the picture of Chris and Vincent on our way back to our cars.. 

If you are around that area, Rain Bistro is a nice place to hang out especially after work.. do drop by and say Hi to Marvin the Bar Manager if you get the chance.. 

Thanks dude for inviting us over..

Signing off..

Adrian Y.