November 12, 2008 10:18 by Adrian

 Ah.. attended Rain Bistro's openning last night 11th Nov 2008 with special invitations from no other than our good friend Mr. Marvin. 

Anyway these are some of the pictures taken of that night. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not the official photographer for this event hence am a bit more cavalier in taking these shots.. Not much of group shots of other people as its already been taken by the 2 official photographers on site, no need to have 2 of the same pics if you get what I mean.. it'll just be a total waste of my time to begin with.

On first reaching there, little did I know there were food! damn it.. and I already ate..  

Ahh.. the registration counter..  

Since the two other photographers are flashing here and there, I've decided to go with more natural shots that brings out more of the mood of the place. 

There were no shortage of pretty lass trying to push you one step closer into retirement in bankruptsville... tho personally whomever picked their outfit has good taste as it .. well.. made the guys go ga ga over the gals at the same time doesn't look like a slut.. more like a beach outfit..

That night Ardent met up with friends from Embershoppe, Vincent & Chris.. of course the gal below isn't Chris.. Tongue out

And then we met up with some of our entertainer friends.. below is Ibrahim showing his various tricks..  

That's Vincent's RM50.. serious dude, I could do magic as well, give me that and I'll transform it to a jug of beer! walla.. now to get myself a top hat, coat and a wand. I'm all set.. Cool 

Now this was an interesting shot.. I didn't bring my tripod hence I relied quite heavily on the VR of the 18-200mm lens.. the round lights below? those are flashing randomly and only a slow shutter speed can bring it out and bring it out I did.. even manage to get one of the promotion gals as well..  

Now the guru in action.. fork bending.. Mamak shops beware, better count your forks when you see this dude at your shop.. or it'll end up as a decorative art like the preceeding photo will illustrate.. 

See? mamak utensil sculptures.. 

Decided to head out to see what's going on..  

Food.. foood... its obvious that the caterer isn't a photographer since that chef statue is illuminated from down to up, making it as if its possessed..  other than freaky chef statue, its all good..

Another view of the people outside enjoying the buffet.. 

Ok the next series of shots are of a competition to see who'll win the prize of RM 200.. good fun and games..

Until you get your picture taken by me while doing this..  

or this.. 

or this fella..

the same.. but with creative lighting from the top.. 

and the two finalists.. get to do.. what I'm sure what most boys would have gotten in primary school for misbehaving.. 

and the winner is.. 

Ok .. the picture of Chris and Vincent on our way back to our cars.. 

If you are around that area, Rain Bistro is a nice place to hang out especially after work.. do drop by and say Hi to Marvin the Bar Manager if you get the chance.. 

Thanks dude for inviting us over..

Signing off..

Adrian Y. 

November 7, 2008 03:38 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

We here @ Ardent have been pretty busy running around snapping pictures and basically being out there to mingle around with the people. So last Tuesday I dropped by at Rain Bistro. Not much of a choice since the big tai ko there Marvin personally invited me to come.

Ardent will be there to cover tho not officially, but was granted permission by the King Pin of Rain Bistro, Mr. Sam to cover the event. So stay tune for the Rain Bistro Opening this coming Tuesday 11th November 2008. If you are there, do say Hi! Cool 

Rain Bistro in the early evening.  

Of course it overlooks a nice pond which at night hosts a light fountain show! Check out the first batch of pictures here.

There's my good pal Marvin.. this time around he has a healthy stock of booze to keep the social wheel lubracated! Do notice there's Frengelico! yay dude.. Seriously, for you gals.. go try this drink out.. its an Ardent Certified Drink! kekke.. along with Grey Goose Vodka, Glenmorangie Single Malt Whisky and Hendricks Gin.. Hendricks was last spotted at Breeze TTDI but I am pretty sure that I helped greatly in depleting their stocks to Zero on that one. Cool 

At times its hard to capture the actual mood of a bar since most it is dark most of the time and putting a Flash does help but just doesn't look natural. When it comes to scenery either natural or man made, its good to go with natural lighting. I did manage to capture one above which pretty much gave a chill and relaxing atmosphere.

My man Marvin filling up a prescription of Guiness beer! Just like what the doctor ordered.. serious..  

Well as much as I would like it, I can't be harping on Marvin lest not the Gay word be included in this, I did hang out with these bunch of people. That's Georgia formally from Euphoria Ministry of Sound.. now she's going around making people feel insecure about their weight.. did I say that she works in a Slimming company? oops..

The two guys on the left are Magicians! when you go down to Rain, look for the guy on the furthest left and ask him to do that cigarette trick. By the way that dude next to him? is his guru.. dun play play! or he'll saw you in half.. Laughing 


Ah.. palm reading..  you have nice, soft and well moisturized palm.. I forsee you use Nivea hand cream.. twice daily.. such accuracy can be achieved by just having 2 guys touching one another! kekkeke Just kidding dudes! 

There's Georgia just acting goofy as usual. 

Anyway that's all for now.. do take care!


Adrian Y. 

September 17, 2008 09:14 by Adrian

A good friend of Jacky and I, Marvin, left Euphoria Ministry of Sound to head one of the newest bistros in town.. Located in Plaza Kelana Jaya (On the left of the LDP in front of Kastam Malaysia, turn right when seeing a big RHM advert)..

This plaza is relatively new and it overlooks a pond that lights up for some fountain like shows? heck no idea what are those called.. there's a picture of it below..

So here's Rain..  

Quite interesting concept as the RAIN crome wordings highlights the water droplets on it.. looks like rain doesn't it? Another good thing is that the tiles are dark.. if it was white, the flowing water would have made it brown in no time.. yuck..   The picture above is taken with a 20 second exposure to see if the flowing water will give a dreamy fog around the wordings .. unfortunately it didn't tho you can see small areas of it, its not sufficient to create the fog type effect.. never then less, the longer exposure, first lowers the noise count (lower ISO) while smoothens the background.. still works!

This is the first drink that my good old pal Marvin served us, its made by his Bar Captain.. and its called.. 'Blue Punch'? sorry dude if I got this wrong! but yeah.. its a mocktail meaning you can drink till the cows come home and still go back home safely minus a bloated bladder..

Taste? yummy..  not bad..  Marvin who's earlier attached to Breeze @ TTDI, kept the tradition in serving quality cocktails/mocktails in using fresh ingredients.. I noticed fresh fruit at the bottom.. :) keep the quality and standards up dude!!

 Rain Bistro actually consists of 2 different styles..  this is the Wine room.. a more quieter setting with cubicles of sofas nicely hidden behind a veil of red strings.. Nice as it is, it kept entangling with my camera.. naughty stuff..  its less noisy and more cozy.. suitable for anyone who just want to kick back and relax without taking the risk of going deaf or developing migranes..


The picture above is the wine bar.. I would say the atmosphere is nice and cozy.. 


Ok, here's the main room.. taken with a 30 second exposure to help bring out the environment while blurring people.. 

Here's another angle on the right directly overlooking the DJ console..

Ahh.. that's my man, Marvin.. well, this place is just opened for 4 days when I took those pictures, so yeah it's still warming up.. but I have faith in my good pal to give the best in terms of drinks and service.. well if he doesn't, just drop me an email and I'll go there and hentam him properly.. ok with you?  kekkeke

Alas, the fountain show.. manage to catch it when its doing its loop loop thingy..  on the bottom there's this one freaky bird which is partly covered by the watermark..  kekeke.. tried blinding the bird with full power from my SB-800 direct but it seems to care less and continue to just perch on that piece of wood that's jutting out from the pond while enjoying the fountain show.. 

You can also enjoy food from two outlets overlooking this fountain show..  nice atmosphere.. 

Till the next time.. Chao!