June 9, 2009 04:33 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

       I hope everyone's doing great as we are over here.. man how do we love our new baby lens Cool actually its more like a big big baby.. my d300 + 14-24mm f/2.8 + SB-800 will weigh easily 2.5kg..  one helluva workout especially when carrying for 4+ hours straight during assignments..  that's why I wonder why would anyone buy a battery grip? my single battery can last way above 600 shots with my 18-200mm with VR on.. seriously adding weight isn't something I plan to do..  maybe the grip is used for portriat photography? well I'm more than capable of taking portriats at ease and of stability without the grip.. 

        So unless you plan to have larger forearms.. I suggest splurging RM888 for the battery grip for the d300.. or alternatively eat RM888 worth of spinach! Smile

         Anyway.. this coming sunday, we are commissioned to cover the opening of Twins Sports Badminton Hall USJ 19.. designed personally by former World No 5 Doubles Champion Mr Yap Yee Hup.. the courts is designed through his 11 years coaching and playing experiance to give the best playing experiance possible at affordable rates.. such as rubberized (not those yucky sticky type rubber courts), green cloth partition to prevent stray light from other sections and proper grand stand style seating! only 3 rows but good enough to do a mexican wave if one needs to.. Cool 

         Not to mention a well designed and ventilated shower/changing room, CCTV/security guard service in the evening and a whole lot more refinements that goes into creating the best badminton hall one can get..  Mr Yap is similar to Ardent's passion in giving the best first, profits second.. other halls, is the other way around.. more courts I can squeeze = more money.. Never quite liked playing in a sardin can.. do you? for the same price? why suffer?

          Below is a picture of the centre section of the hall.. taken with of course with our new baby 14-24mm..  there's a link for the full size version if you really need to zoom into the farthest end to see how sharp this lens is.. I have.. Cool 

DSC_6696Large.JPG (2.09 mb)

        Next week Ardent will be off Malaysia for some R&R.. expect more beautiful scenery/landscape pictures.. Wink  till then, I'll leave you with a picture of suction bear all geared up for swimming! I'll also post my experiences on this lens once I get the time..   

                Till then.. take good care and have a great day ahead..
Adrian Y. 

March 3, 2009 11:27 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals! 

         Whao.. we @ Ardent have been pretty busy with a lot of things hence the lack of updates and photos.. Time does fly doesn't it? Its one of those things that happens in life.. at times things are cool and calm then all of a sudden a surge of things as work gets pilled in.. so its not about fighting but rather following the flow we call life.. In the mean time..  

         So lets talk about angles.. I've noticed that many photographers out there are more interested in taking photos with different angles, just to create a different prespective to what is considered a typical image.. Frankly to say, a good image is more about composition and exposure rather than angles.. Like for an example, the Mona Lisa.. would it look as nice if Leonardo Da Vincci drew it slightly tilted? but that wouldn't stop photographers from experimenting of course..

          But that's the thing.. you can experiment in your own leisure free time but not when someone pays you for an event that cannot be repeated..  Can you imagine taking a shot of the wedding kiss in an angle that just doesn't work? You just ruined the moment doofus.. 

          So how do you know if your angles work or doesn't.. simple.. we @ Ardent have a simple yardstick to measure this..  Take a look at the bottom image for an example of some blinds that was taken at an angle..


Firstly.. does the angles make you feel nauseous after a few seconds? maybe disorientated? this is the feeling you'll get when you see those wide angle lenses and off angled shots.. it may look different at first but you just can't look and enjoy it even for a few seconds without feeling giddy.. or worse tilting your head to compensate.. If that person tilts their head to look at your image, doesn't that make the shot angle useless? why not just go with the basics? 

Secondly, the image must draw you in which requires a primary subject or main focus..

Third.. the image must then create curiosity that makes your eyes scan the entire image.. the longer you can hold a viewer's interest, the better..

Like for the top image.. frankly its just a shot of some blinds.. but notice that there's a string that creates tension by breaking the normal flow of lines.. granted that it'll be even better if the line was in of a brighter color such as red which will make the string stand even more out.. but you can't have everything in photography and for everything to come together in a perfect shot, takes a lot of luck and patience.. guess today isn't that day for that shot..

Doesn't feel the same does it?  Just feels boring.. but even then the lines doesn't make you feel nauseous or giddy.. 

Below are some macro shots of a part of an object.. the idea is to create curiosity about the item.. our minds are simply amazing and when you know how that works, you can invoke thoughts and even emotions hence the saying the 'picture moves me'  or 'that gives me inspiration' and so on..


Do I really need to take the entire object for you to know what it is? but its sufficient for you to fill in the gaps.. Of course this technique can't be applied when taking pictures of people..  

So please practice what angles work and what doesn't on your own time.. not on the client's time, as the client pays you for quality shots and not for you to train and experiment what works or doesn't.. Think of each event as a photography exam in which you have to bring your A game to.. you don't practice in an exam do you? This is what we @ Ardent practices and deliver each time we enter an event..  

That's all for now.. I'll catch you guys later..


Adrian Y. 

January 26, 2009 15:23 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

We @ Ardent would like to wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year! May this year bring you and your family good health, better wealth and tons of prosperity (not the prosperity burger from McD ya!)

Do drive safe and ang pao mali!


Adrian & Jacky 

January 23, 2009 09:12 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

     Whao, We @ Ardent haven't stop working yet ever crossing the New Year of 09.. Apologise for all the delays in posting up pictures.. So lets continue..

A few weeks back, Clare invited Jacky and myself over to meet some of her wicked friends, first picture is taken at Zouk Aristo where Clare's friend Donovan (Resident DJ) is playing.. 

After which we moved camp towards Space @ The Loft KL (Asian Heritage Row @ Jalan Dorasamy KL) to meet up with Glen and a few of her other friends.. 

Breaking with tradition again, one cool Brit wanted to take pictures with my camera which I obliged..  

Just on the next table, there was a birthday celebration and these were the pictures taken of them.. 

Below is Clare and her friend from France.. 

While leaving Space, just took a quick snap below.. 

Didn't take that many pictures of the surroundings as it wasn't an official event.. The whole place has a concrete feel from the chairs to the tables.. all made of cement / concrete type of materials.. but they placed cushions strategically in areas which your butt somewhat lands on.. and nifty light linings around which just gave a different feel to the place..

The MoMo Penang pictures are already up under the work section (Events II) or click here to view them.. Chinese New Year 09 is at our door step and we are all buzy doing all the necessary preparations.. Till then.. have a great long weekend and don't forget to drive safe!  


Adrian Y. 

January 9, 2009 03:56 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

We've been swamped with work ever since the new year.. with projects to deliver with sexy tantalizing deadlines (had to somehow self-motivate these days), I hope that I'll find some time this weekend to process the over 200+ pictures from two photography events into the work section and a preview here in this blog.

Till then..


Adrian Y. 

January 1, 2009 00:01 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

Happy new year from Jacky and myself @ Ardent.. Over the course of the year, we've met with many wonderful talented, passionate and just simply cool people that has aided us in developing Ardent.. We would like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts..

Just to name a few in no apparent order:-

Ben Ng - Thanks for raising our standards of food and drinks to the point that 90% of things now suck.. and hey, I'm still not a bankrupt.... yet.. wheeeee

CK & Jane (Embershoppe) - Thanks for giving us the opportunity to shoot that Zippo advert.. still dying to see it placed in a light box.. but never than less, thanks for welcoming us and making us feel like one of the gang..

Vincent Lim - Hey dude! wassup.. thanks for just being so warm and just eccentric... in a good way!

Vincent Dang (FocusPoint) - Hey my fellow rebel! Thanks so much for taking care of my eyes! kekeke still waiting for that new lens that just blocks when I see aunties wearing 2 sizes too small for their own good..  

Marvin (Rain) - What can I say dude? Thanks so much for taking care of us and welcoming us to your new joint Rain.. your warm charm and hospitality is just amazing.. you'll do well..

Mylen (PowerHouseAdAgency) - Macha! whao, thanks for taking care of us when we are in Penang.. yes and thanks for making me go to the beach while I'm wearing my James Bond shoes..  Keep those chinese swear words coming! and lets do more projects together..

Amin - The dude! thanks man for just being supportive and being that cool dude that you are..

Bob (Breeze TTDI) - Hey! how can I forget one of our favourite bartenders! seriously, it all started with you and thanks for all the cool quality drinks and just being a friend! cheers bud!

Zaferry - The person that helped pushed us into the right direction.. without him, Ardent wouldn't have been born and boy would we have missed out tons of adventures this year.. thanks taiko! Hope to keep up the high quality in standard that you've set for us and thanks for the opportunities as well as allowing us to be YS Studio Uptown's official photographers! Cheers!

Clare Large (UK DJ) - Hey gal! ever met someone who's born on the same day, month and year but 1000 miles due north in UK? well I have! you rock gal! straight and just wicked.. 

Ms Tang / Ken (YS Photo Uptown) - Thanks for handling all of our picture processing and your superb customer service! wouldn't have send my picture's development anywhere else.. don't trust em..

Analene (Scarlet) - Hey gal! its been a year since we've met and all I can say is that my gal has all grown up! Thanks for just being who you are and such a wonderful friend.. don't forget to eat that chocolate!

Bibby Lee (La Mode) - Ah, Ardent's official hair stylist.. thanks for keeping us in style and being such a great friend.. 

Staff of Club Momo (Penang) , Zeta Bar, Rain Bistro,  Breeze, Quattro, Scarlet, Sanctuary, Euphoria - Thanks for taking care of us and being such wonderful hosts..

Friends and family of Ardents - Thanks for being supportive and all the advices and patience that you've given to us.. You know who you are and tho its too many to list, it doesn't change the way we appreciate you all.. cheers! 

That's all for now.. Its been 4 months since Ardent was born and we have a lot to be thankful for.. wouldn't have made it where we are now without all of you.

Now, lets work hard and make 2009 another kick ass year! as for now? lets just get drunk and celebrate..  


Adrian Y. 

December 28, 2008 20:15 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

How's your Christmas celebrations? We just got home not too long ago after our event in Penang which is called

The Island Dance Party 2008 @ Club Momo Penang

There are tons of pictures to sort through for prints and delivery.. and of course we'll be posting some here as well for your viewing pleasure. Its a bit late after a 4 hour drive from Penang.. damn blur cow.. We @ Ardent would like to thank the following people in no particular order: -

Mylen - The crazy nut fun but yet strangely amazingly capable (a rare mix) dude from PowerHouseAdAgency.. arranged all our accomodations and some sight seeing around Penang.. Thanks dude! .. Oh yeah, wore your helmet recently? Cool

Ben Ng -  Thanks for showing us one of the finest asam laksa as well as one indian curry house.. as well as help on navigation when we get lost around Penang.. kekkee.. our own personal human interactive GPS.. Cool

Claire Large - A real straight up DJ from London.. spent most of the time hanging out with her and its just simply fun.. believe it or not we have the exact same birthday.. down to even the year! 

DJ G-Mix, DJ Sam Chiko and DJ Sashi Blue - DJ's from KL's Aloha club.. seriously its been a pleasure meeting up with you all.. professional and yet keeping everything cool and fun.. just awesome..  

Ok.. its time to head down to sleep..  more later..


Adrian Y. 

December 24, 2008 20:23 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

We just got back from The Curve @ Mutiara Damansara.. early as we need to drive down to Penang for 2 spectacular events back to back.. Just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas from us @ Ardent.. all the best ya.. drive safe and don't drink and drive! Will be posting more pictures of everything soon but right now its time to say good night...


Adrian & Jacky