August 10, 2009 12:51 by Adrian

 Hey everyone!

              Now ok, lets have a break from drinks and the night life to talk about one of the yummiest topic in town.. food! so lets start with this place at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park called Rajah Brooke Cafe.. Rajah Brooke a.k.a. James Brooke if the first white Rajah of Sarawak.. the rest of his biography can be found here. So yeah its no surprising that this place serves up Sarawak inspired dishes..   

The front of the shop looks like so..  nothing fancy.. simple.. but we aren't here for the deco are we..  

The inside of the cafe..  

Another view towards the inside of the cafe.. 

The mid section view..

Ok, now for all my visits here, there's only 1 drink and 1 dish I always order.. till the day I get bored of it, then change.. hehehe.. anyway my favourite drink is the one below.. the famous Sarawak 3 layer tea.. the top layer is tea, then the milk and finally gula Melaka.. 

Unlike so many other places which serves this drink which can be either too milky or too sweet, this place, its just perfect.. just can't stop sipping.. trust me..

And my favourite.. Kolo Mee.. although some are saying this isn't the true 100% Sarawak Kolo mee.. I'm ok with it.. don't forget to order with the special imported Sarawak mee rather than the standard Hakka Mee.. 

A closer crop of the Kolo mee.. yummliicous.. Cool 

Anyway catch you guys soon.. take care..


Adrian Y. 

January 3, 2009 08:17 by Adrian

Hey ah Hey!

December was filled with events and tons of pictures to process, develop, deliver and post.. there's a huge back log and I'm hoping to get everything cleared and sorted out before Chinese New Year..

There are 2 projects which I've not yet posted up on Ardent's site yet as its still pending delivery / approval from the client and I'm hoping that will be soon.. Can't have too many back logged stuff or it'll just end up in the procrastination bin and will never see the light of day.. you know how that works.. Cool

Ok, lets continue with our Penang's travelog..

This is the view of the famous Penang bridge framed by the hotel curtains in my room..  

Later we headed off in search for food.. which by Penang's standard is never more than a 5 minutes walk in any direction.. mine was just 3 minutes walk out of the hotel..  

I decided to try out the Penang char koay teow.. the sign below is really misleading as the spacing in between the words really would have meant Char Koay Teow + Fried Rice mix.. Cool oh well.. anyway anyone from KL, RM 4 for a Char Koay Teow (small) is kinda standard.. now as in December of 2008 on wards.. gone were the days small = RM 2.50.. price of things have greatly skyrocketted to the planet of belt tightening fetish.. 


Anyway to my amusement.. RM4 in this shop in Penang will get you.. about this much..  

I've placed my old and trusted buddy k800i phone next to it for comparison.. tho to its defence, there are 2 big prawns there.. The taste? superbo! There's another famous char koey teow which you'll pay even more and have to wait a good 30 minutes for one plate.. didn't bothered with it as my trusted Penang guide Ben Ng didn't think it was that great to justify the 'suffering' required in terms of money and time just for that..  

Ah this is the 2nd hotel that we stayed in Penang.. Sunway Hotel.. not bad.. located about 1 KM from Komtar building.. tho personally I preferred BayView hotel as its next to Momo, Moist and SOHO clubs... you know.. for logistic reasons... Wink 

I've seen a few famous photographers taking pictures of brides coming out from wooden doors.. and me spending most of my life in KL/PJ area, have no idea where in hell did they get those type of buildings to shoot from.. only did I realize that in Penang, just opposite Sunway hotel, there are rows and rows of these type of wooden door like old school feeling type of buildings..

So I decided to take a snap shot of one.. just put a gal in the middle, shoot it with a wide angle lens and walla.. you get a professional bridal portriat.. cough cough.. or so it seems..  

Ah.. Penang.. in KL we got our Berjaya Times Square.. in Penang.. you'll get the ordinary out of the mill Times Square (without Berjaya = Success wording).. its not open yet tho.. and besides in our trip in Penang, we've never not once set foot into a shopping mall..  

Had to take a picture of this dude.. in Penang, wherever you decide to park your car, there's always SOMEONE who'll ask you to pay a RM 3 car park fee.. that someone can be just about anyone..  

While walking around, at the first corner, this is what I saw.. a row of food stalls just waiting to start business.. it was about 2pm.. at 3pm this quiet stalls will be all busy bees serving thier hotest dish to many paying customers.. 

Walking further down.. I encountered "The Advance Computer Centre" .. Somehow it just didn't work for me..

Went back to the hotel and took some evening snap shots..  

Got to really say, the view is serene and just melodic.. not quite like KL with all the towering buildings around..

The next and final day in Penang.. Mylen brought all of us down to the beach again.. in Batu Ferrenghi.. 

Below is some random gal enjoying the breeze at the beach.. 

And of course a picture of our Penang Macha.. Mylen.. 

Jacky & Clare..  

Enjoying seafood and chicken tom yam.. do be prepared to pay tourist prices for these.. 

And the best of all.. the guest houses along the beach.. the most famous of em all is the 'Ah Beng Guest House' .. Unfortunately there weren't any Ah Lian guest houses next to it.. Frown 

In departing Penang, we decided to take the ferry back..  

Its a good decision as it was already around 6+ and the sun was just about to set which is perfect to take some nice parting wide angle shots of Penang.. 

Ah and at the golden 5 minutes of sunset..  

Ok not exactly perfect but by the time I took that last picture, the ferry was about to dock.. 4 hours later driving in the dark and with continuous rain throughout our journey back.. we finally reach KL at around midnight..

Till the next time..


Adrian Y. 


December 24, 2008 06:29 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

We @ Ardent would like to recommend to you Godiva.. sent directly from Chocolate heaven to Belgium that which is now available to us Malaysians @ KLCC and Pavilion..

To celebrate this year's Christmas, we've decided to get a few boxes of these lovely Chocolate orgasmic delights.. seriously.. for you guys out there.. did something wrong? well give your gals Godiva and you'll be making things up in no time!

I can imagine the conversation going like ..

Guy : Hey.. you know that paint can? some how when I walked past, it dropped and gave some color to your fav chiwawa...

Gal : [uncomprehensable ultra high pitch ramble..]

Guy : Oh yeah, by the way here.. [shoves a Godiva Chocolate into her mouth]

Gal : [shuts mouth, tastes, moments of silence, eyes closed.. slight moan...]

Guy : SCORE! oops did I say that out loud?

kekke.. but unfortunately, this chocolates will burn a hole in your wallet faster than a magnifying glass in high noon.. with prices such as :-

Truffles 100g = RM 69

Normal 100g = RM 59

There are some Christmas packs in which I bought some from a lovely naughty gal called Jessica.. who laughed at her colleagues misfortune encounter with the floor..  

So here are the pictures.. first of all, I got some nifty Godiva cards.. I wouldn't call it Greeting cards as its completely blank other than the Godiva gold emboss.. so it could be a 'To Boss, I resign.. Whippieee!' type card instead.. your choice..

If you purchased those single chocolates (goes according to per gram) then you'll get a simple package like so with a godiva sticker like wax chop..

Ok and now the Christmas package.. costing around RM 80+ for 9 chocolates (After 30% discount) .. 

And its contents.. 

So if you are looking for a sure fire plan.. get these chocolates.. and it might just be a really HELLELUYAH Christmas after all...


Adrian Y. 

December 9, 2008 09:52 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

Waho this coming week 11th, 12th and 14th is gonna be really hectic.. but I guess its not good to question good things but just open with open arms.. even if those same arms cramp up and fall off.. Cool 

Anyway as good photographers, we need to scout the areas before hand at times.. usually we have to reach the place early and do the necessary 'walk around' and determine the proper lighting and do some test shots before the whole event starts.. 

This is a photograher's homework actually.. and in line with our professionalism, we've scouted out Jarrod & Rawlins @ Damansara Heights last saturday.. for the shoot on the 12th..  So here's the glimpse of how J&R looks like..

Frankly this is the first time I've been to J&R.. after being traumatized by Mr Ho's pork wonderland @ Mid Valley.. seriously that dude's food almost made me turn my back on siu yok..  and was afraid to try any of these german deli style of foods... anyway that Mr Ho's pork wonderland closed down and turn Carin Pharmacy.. I guess its the shop lot's way of redeeming itself since falling from grace.. Tongue out

So here I am, giving J&R a chance to change my mind ... so lets start with the opening view when one steps into J&R.. this used to be a bangalow house turn restaurant..  

We've met a cool guy Gobi which I told him reminded me of Gobi Desert.. near Mongolia.. seems like these dudes all fail geography but hey, I need them to serve me good food and not a geographical lesson so I'm cool with it.. Cool 

J&R is splitted into 4 distinct floors.. upon entering, you'll be greeted with the food counter..

then if you take a small flight of stairs up, you'll enter the fine dining J&R style.. the picture is the glimpse of the fine dining ambience that awaits.. 

Then if you take another flight up, you'll be greeted with the bar..  

And last but not least is at the bottom floor.. which holds most of the function/events and unfortunately mosquitos as well.. 


So far, the place has an extremely cozy feel to it.. not bad ambience..

Now all we've left after the tour is to sample the food.. so off we went back and pick our 'meats' from the deli counter..  If you head down there, go meet the supervisor there Gobi.. a really amazing and cool fella.. and seriously he knows his stuff.. right down to wines.. since my last encounter of a dude trying to introduce me white wine when I ordered nasi goreng.. is sufficient to say that a lot of people out there don't know nuts about their wines or food but this guy passed with flying piggies.. yumm...

Anyway this was the first victim.. melted cheese on top of portobello mushroom.. you know the ones used for Carl's JR portobello mushroom burger.. yum.. delicious.. seriously this is the only few seconds that the mushroom was left unattended.. after which somehow all was left was just the plate.. burp.. Wink it wasn't me.. trust me.. 

Ok here's the main courses.. 3 sausages of different flavors.. the most spicy of all is the dynamite flavored sausage.. seriously this isn't for the light hearted.. but for me its just perfect.. even dipped into french mustard and english mustard (has a similar kick when eating Japanese wasabi) .. seriously all of the sausages didn't have any overwhelming porkish smell and flavor.. it was just a joy.. a surprising one.. so damn you Mr Ho.. 

The picture below is just the pork bacon and fries.. oooh god that onion sauce.. which was meant for the mash potato.. try dipping the normal fries.. yummilicious.. damn.. I did ask if there was a job opening.. burp..  


So far, this place got Ardent's recommendation certification (if one ever existed in the first place) .. Strange as it is, I'm not sure if I'll be shooting pictures while taking fries dipped in onion sauce breaks.. such a distraction..  kekkee Cool

Ok, till the next time..


Adrian Y.