August 3, 2009 03:17 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

          Hope things have been going great for all of you as much as things over at Ardent's side.. Apologise for the late updates and all, its been a quite busy for us.. will really need to find time to start updating the portfolio section .. hehehe to clear the back log..  Cool 

          Anyway, these are some of the shots taken a few weeks back during Ben's stint at Sky Bar.. 

          I had this amazing angle with the 14-24mm lens that creates a realistic depth to the image plus having the KL tower nicely at one corner (as compared to it directly on top of his head) adds to the distance to the image.. 

          Here are some of the unique cocktails Ben's knocking out..           

         First of.. the Sunset Sipper.. now this is a blend of vanilla, pumpkin puree, ginger ale and top of the line belvedere vodka.. seriously, everything compliments one another to the point none of it is distinct making it one helluva tantalizing joy ride for the senses.. 

ahh.. a more manly drink.. stronger.. called the Silk Road..  smooth and strong.. unique in its own way.. 

For the ladies.. I introduce you to .. the 'feminist' ...  yummilicious..  according to the women trying it out.. trust me..  a mix of strawberry, lime wedge, some X-rated liqueur (don't ask me how's it made.. ) and vodka.. ultimately sinful.. 

Then we had the Straits Cobbler..  a mix of pineapple chunks and Captain Morgan's spice rum.. add some vanilla syrup and deco with lime wedge .. and you get a really happy photographer.. wheeee...  in taking beautiful cocktail pictures.. of course.. 

    Ok now for some other random images taken that night.. 

    Nice and ice cold.. champagne anyone?

    Below is Jacky, modeling to promote Ben's services.. behind her is Vincent from TWE nicely sipping away while the remains of all the wondeful cocktails made by Ben that has came and gone ceremoniously laid infront for everyone to see..  

Now.. after seeing Ben, I manage to find his rythm and take some more action shots of this fella.. everything is about timing and photography isn't much different.. there is always a few split seconds of sanity in Ben's routine which is where I pull the trigger.. 

Below is another on the spot action shot with the KL tower in the background.. had to compose fast and just take that one shot.. no machine gunning for the pros.. one shot one kill.. ala sniper..  

Had to take the shot below.. which is a glass of freshly poured Red Bull.. the tiny lines at the bottom of the glass is actually the concentrated sugar moving around.. zoomed in enough, one can actually see it..

There.. can you see those things at the bottom? subtle but its there..  


Not sure what this is named, probably a lychee martini with belvedere vodka.. taken zoomed out at 200mm.. 

Again demonstrating that its all in the timing.. zoomed out at 200mm, this person is the waiter picking up the lychee martini to be served.. and in that split second, there is calm.. this shot is taken 1/6 of a second, held steady 6 stops slower or 2 stop slower than what is possible with the VR activated (Nikon stated that the VR can give a 4 stop advantage)  ... Of course we could have taken this shot at 1/3 sec zoomed in at 200mm but the person will move by then hence this speed was at the edge of freezing everything.. 

This is also taken at 200mm, 1/6s .. one shot..  

A photo of a margaritta.. I think.. looks yummy got to say..  

This is Ben's Fig and Clove Mojito.. seriously, nobody does Mojito like Ben.. refreshing.. you so got to try at least once.. and every other mojito will never taste the same..

I didn't get this drink  so I had to sneakily snap this .. 130mm, 1/6s .. easy peasy.. that's Vincent's sexy hairless hand by the way.. oops.. (its smooth and silky due to the depth of field but going to just bug him anyway)

Another yummy cocktail with a cheery on top..  

Yeah.. Michelle and Jacky being all buddy buddy..  


            Michelle and Vincent's gang of the night..  here at Ardent, we specialize in night events, bringing out the richness in color and contrast irregardless of how dimly lit it is.. No more of those spotlight type night photos and unbalanced lighting causing heads to shine bright with everything else dim.. here at Ardent we go for the natural look, what you see is what you get down to the ambience and skintones.. 

            That's all folks.. had to leave early for the next day's round of activities.. early as in 12am, thanks Ben for all the great drinks and seriously damn you for raising our standards to such a level that no other mojito or margaritta tastes the same again..  hehehe cheers bro! till the next time.. 


Adrian Y. 

April 1, 2009 17:56 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

        How's everyone doing? Hope 09 has been treating you with goodies ya! We @ Ardent ended March with the launching of  'Flight of Green Fairy'.. Abstinthe babeh! @ Werner's On Changkat.. located along Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang.. TWE Enterprise did all Malaysians a favour in bringing in Absinthe.. until yesterday I thought it was still banned in the UK but it got lifted a few years back.. wheee!

         Originated in Switzerland.. I guess when the whole world was so into starting wars and such, our good swiss friends just went the happy booze way.. which wasn't all that bad.. with an alcohol content ranging from 45% - 75%.. yeah 75% babeh.. the only legal alcohol drink that has a warning, do not consume more than 3 shots of any one time.. hhhmm.. don't drink and drive ya!

          We were guests of Ben Ng ... that mixologist dude who's hell bent in making me a bankrupt, one shot at a time..  anyway we were there early at 5.30pm to take some pre-event shots of the place..  


        Anyway, to cut a long story short, we got to meet a few familiar faces such as Sugu from Zeta Bar KL.. We got to meet Vincent and Michelle Loh.. really fun, friendly and down to earth.. Eva.. the boyfriend gal who made that lovely gift (a collection of informative and creatively designed cards, tied with a string along with a tiny bottle containing .. you guessed it.. Absinthe..) , Felicia.. the gal whom initially performed a 'tarik harga' routine... 'aiya a lot of photographers to choose.. I get back to you...' then later.. she's like in every other picture.. aiya headache la to photoshop.. hehhe Cool

        Of course, not forgetting Timothy as well as Keith..  what can I say.. not much especially after Kieth started the conversation with 'I got this back room' which probably didn't mean anything but after Absinthe, it just felt so wrong.. in the end, we got to know that the room is white.. mostly thanks to Kieth.. all we ended up was informing Kieth that he might have missed a spot on the ceiling.. keep trying dude! winners aren't quitters ya! hahahhaa Cool  (I've a feeling I'll so get poisoned by my next drink from this dude!)

        Andreas.. of course.. the charming dude from Werner.. thanks for welcoming and making us feel at home.. you got an amazing place! 

        Finally, congratulations to TWE's team in making this event a success.. maybe next time Ardent can be an official part of it as well Cool  You guys and gals conducted your roles professionally, payed close attention to the finer details, passionate and above all, Jacky and I left the place feeling deeply honored to have met all of you.. whom if I maybe so bold, to call my friends.. 

        I hope to see all of you in the near future.. In the mean time, as a snippet of what went down that night, here are some of the pictures.. the rest can be viewed at our profile gallery located here ..  


Adrian & Jacky 


And here I present to you.. an Absinthe inspired cocktail..  


October 31, 2008 08:25 by Adrian

Whao.. last night was definately different!

What was suppose to be another Midouri Night turns out to have morphed into Cleo Fashion Awards night.. where all the top retailers are awarded.

Well we didn't take that much pictures of the award itself since Cleo has already engaged 2 other photographers for the event, it won't be nice to 'be in the way' of their rice bowl. Kinda a professional curtesy and besides we are way too busy enjoying the cocktails that our good friend and mixologist expert Ben Ng conjoured up.  yum!

Anyway below are the pictures taken last night..

That's the stage of which the Award Ceremony is held.. nothing fancy but ok never than less.. I guess their budget went towards their CLEO Fashion Show which will be held if I'm not mistaken in Pavilion. Date? terlupa..

Met some of Ben's friends.. Now, doesn't the blue just stands out..  kekeke.. I made you look!


Oooh some of the delicious tiny dishes served that night..

Another yummy food.. small but yet power packed in taste.. yum..

Rowr.. a free advertisment for Tiger beer..  Wink 

Ah.. there's Ben..  making cocktail heaven one perfection at a time.. amazing..

Look at him shake his thang! such gusto.. well too bad James Bond ain't gonna see that action since he's a stir not shaken type of dude.. 

The Midouri inspired cocktail..  didn't manage to get the name of it but boy was it delicious! perfectly blended together with taste rivaling a symphony orchestra.. 

Another cocktail prepared by Ben.. stronger taste which stands out well after the sweeter drink above..

Ahh.. finally Ben's off work and posing with his pals..

Manage to take a nice picture of Jacky with one of the gals from the Band..

The band will be playing until early next year @ the Zeta bar KL Hilton, so do make a point in listening to the live band there.

Met two cool dudes from FCUK, but due to the scandalous nature of the pictures, its not posted here. This is to maintain the friendly family environment theme that we have here @ Ardent.. right... Cool


Adrian Y.

October 29, 2008 16:57 by Adrian

Its approaching the end of the year and still plenty of events happening around.. 

Lets see a sample of the events that's happening: -

1. 30th Oct 2008 : Midouri Night @ Zeta Bar KL Hilton - Invited by a good friend of Ardent's.. Ben Ng

2. 1st Nov 2008 : Meet & Greet event @ The Embershoppe. Come and meet the Master Cigar Roller Alfredo Andrés Pino.   

3. 4th Nov 2008 : A big event happening @ The Rain Bistro in Kelana Square - Will update when I know what's it about.

4. 9th Nov 2008 : Yap Twins Sport Management is hosting their 2nd Annual Graduation & Award Ceremonial Dinner 2008.

5. 11th Nov 2008 : The official Launching of The Rain Bistro

Keep checking in and pictures of each event will be published as soon as possible. Well Ardent isn't sitting around doing nothing ya!

Oh yeah, lets squeeze an update on Ardent's Zippo advert @ the Curve..  So far approved by the Lightbox designer and Curve management. Now just awaiting one other photo to be approved and walla.. Ardent's advert will be proudly showing in front of The Embershoppe entrance, you can't miss it! Cool 


Adrian Y. 

September 17, 2008 09:14 by Adrian

A good friend of Jacky and I, Marvin, left Euphoria Ministry of Sound to head one of the newest bistros in town.. Located in Plaza Kelana Jaya (On the left of the LDP in front of Kastam Malaysia, turn right when seeing a big RHM advert)..

This plaza is relatively new and it overlooks a pond that lights up for some fountain like shows? heck no idea what are those called.. there's a picture of it below..

So here's Rain..  

Quite interesting concept as the RAIN crome wordings highlights the water droplets on it.. looks like rain doesn't it? Another good thing is that the tiles are dark.. if it was white, the flowing water would have made it brown in no time.. yuck..   The picture above is taken with a 20 second exposure to see if the flowing water will give a dreamy fog around the wordings .. unfortunately it didn't tho you can see small areas of it, its not sufficient to create the fog type effect.. never then less, the longer exposure, first lowers the noise count (lower ISO) while smoothens the background.. still works!

This is the first drink that my good old pal Marvin served us, its made by his Bar Captain.. and its called.. 'Blue Punch'? sorry dude if I got this wrong! but yeah.. its a mocktail meaning you can drink till the cows come home and still go back home safely minus a bloated bladder..

Taste? yummy..  not bad..  Marvin who's earlier attached to Breeze @ TTDI, kept the tradition in serving quality cocktails/mocktails in using fresh ingredients.. I noticed fresh fruit at the bottom.. :) keep the quality and standards up dude!!

 Rain Bistro actually consists of 2 different styles..  this is the Wine room.. a more quieter setting with cubicles of sofas nicely hidden behind a veil of red strings.. Nice as it is, it kept entangling with my camera.. naughty stuff..  its less noisy and more cozy.. suitable for anyone who just want to kick back and relax without taking the risk of going deaf or developing migranes..


The picture above is the wine bar.. I would say the atmosphere is nice and cozy.. 


Ok, here's the main room.. taken with a 30 second exposure to help bring out the environment while blurring people.. 

Here's another angle on the right directly overlooking the DJ console..

Ahh.. that's my man, Marvin.. well, this place is just opened for 4 days when I took those pictures, so yeah it's still warming up.. but I have faith in my good pal to give the best in terms of drinks and service.. well if he doesn't, just drop me an email and I'll go there and hentam him properly.. ok with you?  kekkeke

Alas, the fountain show.. manage to catch it when its doing its loop loop thingy..  on the bottom there's this one freaky bird which is partly covered by the watermark..  kekeke.. tried blinding the bird with full power from my SB-800 direct but it seems to care less and continue to just perch on that piece of wood that's jutting out from the pond while enjoying the fountain show.. 

You can also enjoy food from two outlets overlooking this fountain show..  nice atmosphere.. 

Till the next time.. Chao! 

February 19, 2008 17:07 by Adrian

Ever want to look for a place to chill out and just relax but yet want some style and some cocktails added into the mix? well if that's the case, Breeze @ TTDI is the place for you.. Its located next to NAZA TTDI or more accurately behind the Bambooq bar.. its an open air concept that allows for good air circulation.. in part thanks to 3 gigantic fans located directly above the Breeze bar...

The pictures below are the view you'll see while sitting at the bar.. its helmed by a few really amazing and talented bartenders.. namely Bob and Marvin (who's now working in Euphoria Ministry of Sound.. this is the place where I got to meet Ben Ng.. a young talented and passionate mixologist from Penang.. 

Thanks to Ben, this place is like the UN of alcohol where booze from all over the world come here to get me high.. :P There's vodka from Iceland, Switz, Russian and god knows what else..  seriously one should try the vodka from Iceland.. its one word.. COOOOOLLLLL...!

The thing about drinking cocktails around KL/PJ is that the standard is not there.. every bar is just out to squeeze the most $ while delivering abysmal cocktail standards.. This is where Ben made this place different.. Only the finest (within cost reason) is provided.. such as fresh berries and mint leaves..

Tiny details such as how the mint leaves are muddled together in order to bring out the taste is factored into each drink requiring it.. that's the level of dedication to their passion for cocktails.. I'm inspired talking to Ben and am glad there is someone who's trying to bring up our Malaysian standards for drinks..

Take another example.. Margaritta.. all the places that I've been uses typical table salt.. eeuchhh..  its way too salty and the taste just punches you on the face.. @ Breeze? they use French Sea Salts.. larger and more smoother salty taste which unlike the table salt that SHOCKS your tastes.. this sea salt gives a warm welcoming.. To top it off, they also add in agave honey (which is what tequila is made of).. this drink ultimately tastes like..

Mildly salty -> Tequila flavor -> Mildly sweet.. its an amazing blend which is meant to be sipped and enjoyed..

That's the whole idea of cocktails..  using different ingredients to make a symphony of taste..

You haven't tasted cocktails until you come down to Breeze.. Let Bob and his fresh ingredients and UN inspired booze in creating the most unique and amazing tasting cocktails that will satisfy anyone.. Just make sure Bob knows what you fancy! something strong? refreshing? smooth? anything..

Did I mention that Bob also enters Bartending competitions and won?

Do check this place out and mention to Bob that Adrian the camera guy recommended you.. you are in good hands! 

Always remember... DRINK RESPONSIBLY! 

The view on the left of the bar.. and..   

 tada... the right.. :P there's a big projector screen there.. so if you plan to watch your favourite football or US open tennis match, here's the place to be!

 The drink is Citrusca.. a lady's alcohol drink.. mixed with only the best.. notice the fresh berries! its sweet and tangy.. nice and refreshing!

This drink for me is.. damn.. I forgot.. but it was goood! :P a man's drink.. stronger taste..