January 4, 2010 04:19 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

          Whao, its been 1 year already? damn that's quick.. I hope everyone had a helluva great time sending 2009 back to the history books and ushering the new 2010 year.. yep.. 2 years before the Mayan's end of the world prediction of 2012.. Well, end of the world or not, its always good to live life today, appreciate those around you and give it your best..

          We had planned in celebrating the new year in Library @ The Curve .. unfortunately our reservation which was originally to be on the 2nd floor open air deck area was given away to a larger crowd, the manager was kind enough to place me at another table near to  the live band (kudos to Nick! thanks a lot bro! greatly appreciate it) .. sound system is not bad, didn't feel deaf as the speakers was placed high above..  good band as well .. the photo of the band.. (didn't take much as the place was extremely crowded and moving around with my equipment seems too hazardous amid all the intoxicated or semi-intoxicated folks around..

The view from my table towards the entrance of the Library.. the light is blue due to the spot light and the slight haze is due to the .... yep smokers..  its a full house!

Anyway, we didn't stayed too long as we intended to take the fireworks (which I missed last year..) so we moved of to our secondary location.. a good photographer does his homework.. a better than good photographer does the same plus a backup plan.. Cool The shot below is taken on our way to our 2ndary location just infront of Cineleisure @ Mutiara Damansara.. its packed with people sitting on the pavement and people selling things from packet drinks to Pak Cu's famous guava to those snow sprays..

      So at below are the series of fireworks that was taken.. one was towards The Curve.. and another is towards 1 Utama.. this year around, The Curve's fireworks dwarfs the 1Utama's fireworks in terms of sheer size but 1 Utama's fireworks has a bit more variety..

         Originally, I'd wanted to have Ikano / IKEA building to be the background of the fireworks but this time around, the fireworks display was much further in towards Kampung Penchala.. Well, we go where the action is...

I so love the fireworks shot below.. looks like a hibiscus.. minus the stigma..

The one below also looks really cool..

The shot below reminds me of an exotic lilly flower..

I know that the below shot isn't nice, but was placed here to show how large some of the fireworks actually are..

Below shot was the fireworks opening from The Curve..

Okay.. now for the show from 1 Utama's side..

Yep.. they have fireworks that comes from the ground up as well..

Looks like a palm tree doesn't it?

This fireworks is kinda cool.. the reason for the design is due to the parachute..

This is close to the finale.. the final shot is just like an atomic bomb detonating.. which isn't much to see, just one bright light..

So that's the year 2010..  both shows lasted for 10 minutes and was spectacular.. That's it for now.. Happy New Year everyone! have a great 2010!


Adrian Y.

December 3, 2008 04:24 by Adrian
Hey people!
Ok, I've just recently updated in our work section the FCUK fashion show taken on 31st October 2008. The reason why the complete event pictures aren't published earlier to the public is to respect our client's first to view and purchase.. After a month or so I've placed these pictures out for the public to view.
Click here -> http://www.ArdentExpressions.com  (Under the works section - Events 2)  
The earlier blog entry on this can be found here
Of course these are the trimmed down version of the complete album (>200 pics) and of course being professionals, our job is to take the fashion show as in the clothes they wear.. in this case FCUK fashion apparel..  so sorry guys.. no portriats.. Cool I swear.. trust me.. Innocent

Adrian Y. 

January 27, 2008 07:01 by Adrian

 Hey everyone,

This is the view of 1Utama during the Chinese New Year period of 2008. Nicely decorated as shown below.


So happened around this time there was this Reptile park show which cost a few ringgit to go in. Not bad.. manage to see a lot of varieties of creepy crawlies.. yeah right.. spider man isn't that creepy now is he?

ok fine, spiderman isn't this hairy.. but who knows.. under that suit of his.. ahem.. :P

 Another of spiderman's relative.. nice of it to pose for me..

Yeah.. this includes snakes.. and tons of it.. oh yeah.. you could carry one as well for a fee of course..  don't think they'll pay you if you end up being its lunch.. :P

and other reptiles... like this... erm .. ain't sure what this is.. a lizzard?

Now doesn't this picture feels more like home? not yours of course.. his :P

Hey, he's winking at ya! perv..

That's all for the reptile park.. the pictures are shot through a nice and sufficiently thick plexi glass which although gave protection to us humans.. does a bit bad in the taking picture department.

Signing off..

Adrian Y.