February 25, 2010 10:29 by Adrian

Hey boys and gals!

             How's the long festive holidays? I hope all those celebrating and those enjoying the long holiday break had an amazing and wonderful time catching up with family and friends.. 

             This article, I'll like to bring up some of the product photography work that Ardent did towards the end of last year. Its for Krespy Kreme and the first 3 drink photos can still be seen on the menus of Krespy Kreme. The client wanted a simple shot (no fancy angles or background) for them to incorporate it into their existing designs. So you'd guess that my job is pretty much simple.. erm.. and you'd be wrong..

             There are different packages for our product photography and this is usually the 'economy package' which most companies look for. In the basic package, the lighting is rather broad and not precise. The more expensive packages, we'll be employ the use of light snoops to control in high degree of precision to create a visual delicacy.. ever seen those advertising photos depicting watches? Lighting it is a real good challenge and takes a lot of patience and experience to pull of such a feat.. 

              But that's not what we are providing unfortunately this time around. Even then, lighting transparent plastic cups isn' t as easy as it seems. The trick is to get light in such a way that it brings out the color and contrast of both the Krespy Kreme logo and the color of the drink itself.  In addition to that, we have to get the light to create a light gradient from the right to the left (creating a 3d effect feel rather than it just being flat light, which is just too amatuerish) 

So I present you the actual shots taken (not the final version adopted by Krespy Kreme).

We @ Ardent are very passionate in our work, so much so that we want to be proud of the work we do. In saying that, these photos that are now being used on their menus, due to its sharpness, color and contrast, you'll be able to see the drinks in clear definition even from a distance. In addition to that, the cool condensation on the side of the cups creates the cool and thirst quenching sensation that promotes the drink itself.

Well that's the purpose for our photos, to help our clients market and sell their products.


The photo is what many would find in other coffee shops.. the problem I notice is to get sufficient contrast to highlight the white kreme.. i mean Cream.. The usual standard for photos of this nature, the whip cream are exposed properly but the logo of the cup and its contents are rendered too dark

February 15, 2010 15:48 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

         We @ Ardent would like to wish all of our chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year! May this year of the Tiger bring tons of good fortune, prosperity and good health. 

         In taking advantage of the festive holidays, Ardent is taking a short break and will be back in a few days or so. Its the only time of year that we do take a break for family sake and who are we without the support from our beloved friends and family right? Cool

         So in staying with tradition we @ Ardent are off celebrating with friends and family and not forgetting the ang pows and the mini gambling dens at our relatives place..  

         We'll be back soon ya! till then, drive safe and enjoy the festive holidays.


Adrian & Jacky

February 5, 2010 06:08 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

           How's the start of 2010 been for you? We @ Ardent has been pretty busy with a few house keeping and projects going on.. need to gear things up for the rest of the year, as well as for the upcoming Tiger Chinese New Year rowr! 

           Well, everyone of course aspects good things in 2010 and in following with conventional wisdom of good things, here we present a new club to join the Changkat Bukit Bintang street called Elixir.. and with that lets have a tour..

These images depict the bar area which is situated at the center of the club.. at the end consists of a dance floor and DJ console which will be shown further down this article.. Notice the furnishings and designs right up to ceiling designs..

And also the lighting changes as it slowly progresses later into the night to fit into the mood.. 

The above image is taken from the opposite angle, showing the entrance.. 

A close up look at the bar area..

The private areas.. oh I so love the Dita Von Teese photo.. More about her here.. 

This is another private area..

The view of both private sofa areas.. 

Ah.. and the VVIP area..  next to the DJ console and dance floor.. oval shaped.. 

The above is the dance floor and standing area..

The principle mixologist from Russia.. a real talented and cool dude.. 

Below are some of the free style artistic shots of the place..

Taken with Ardent's favorite lens.. the AF-S 105 F2.8 Micro Nikkor.. with the depth of field precisely focused (notice the area where you can see the intricate detail of the cloth weave) .. this is actually taken from a larger image below.. 

The larger image, you can't see the fine details of the weave.. that's why photos look great while printed in 4R or viewed small but when enlarged to A3 or larger like bunting sizes for advertising shoots, any mistake on focus will be easily seen.. 


The above shot is another example of precise depth of field.. when executed with such precision, one can create artistic images out of something seemingly boring object.. 

The above is taken without the use of photoshop to artificially create the depth of field blurness around the bottle object.. Frankly, its easy for professionals like us to see such modifications..  Ultimately if the photo is done right, there is no need to manipulate the image (tweaking to enhance for color, contrast, brightness is deemed acceptable, as even photo labs have to tweak the images to suit their printing machines capabilities) .. the client paid for photographers, not graphic designers.. 

The above image is actually perfect with one minor flaw.. to remove the ashtray that is blocking the reflection of the glass.. well as you can see, we @ Ardent are still humans after all.. tho its hard to spot.. and honest as well! Cool

Ah.. some VSOA.. not VSOP..

If you zoom in closer, the focus is exactly on the lip of the bottle.. with everything else slowly bluring away hence making your focus go straight to the pouring of the VSOA.. 

And at last.. the view of Elixir's entrance from Changkat Bukit Bintang.. 

         I hope to have more time to post up some of the projects completed so far so stay tuned!


Adrian Y.