December 31, 2009 11:41 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

             Yes, its the last day of 2009.. so what are we up to these past few days? well.. first of all.. its time to chill back after a long year.. so its off to Haagen Dazs ...  just some photos before this delicious treat was devoured.. 


Of course, even a simple photo, getting the focus and depth of field correct, is a 2nd nature..  as the photo below, we want the viewer to look at the ice-cream while the strawberry, although delicious, is slightly off focus to not let it steal the limelight from the awesomeness of haagen dazs.. yum..  Cool


And what's at The Curve @ Mutiara Damansara? well.. there are tons of Christmas deco.. but so far Pavilion deco's top again in Ardent's chart (if we ever had one) of best Christmas Deco for shopping malls..  


Yeah those on top are mistletoes .. and no, it doesn't mean more of them means you'll get more kisses or larger ones get you erm.. to the next base.. nice try.. 


So here's the latest place to visit when you are @ The Curve.. The Library.. believe it or not, there are actual books here for rent.. tho its been said that this is the noisiest library on the planet.. and boy.. I can't refute that..  

Above is the photo inside The Library.. there is an outside area as well as the next photo below will partially show..  The time I went there, it was the Semi Finals of the Digi Got Talent contest.. first prize.. RM30k .. 4 talents with 2 rounds to show their stuff.. voted by the patrons of The Library..  So far I can say, the dance troupe should win.. and I so wish that they had Simon Cowell as one of the judges .. 

One of the female judges went 'Oh everyone said I sound like Paula.. but' then continued bringing more of Paula like compliments that doesn't give the contestants any idea on how to up their game.. the judges is just such a let down..  Yell


Just some artistic shot...  


And yes.. The Library has a wide range of beers and booze.. seriously, you can get all the good stuffs here..  Smile

Ah.. Hoegaarden beer.. a simple shot, using the AF-S Micro Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 at 1/6sec, hand held..  oh yeah.. while being partially drunk..   now that's SKILL! 

    That's all for now.. will post more photos of our new year celebration in the days to come.. Have one helluva send of for 2009 and welcoming 2010 in superb fashion.. Catch all of you guys and gals next year! Happy New Year!


Adrian Y. 

December 25, 2009 04:42 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

        Jacky and myself would love to wish all of our clients, our friends, our brother and sister in arms and of course our families a wonderful an awesome Merry Christmas 2009.. 

        Just a short announcement, apparently this site's comment section hasn't been working and I've taken the opportunity to upgrade the blog's core engine to BlogEngine 1.5.7 which so far as I've tested it, resolves the problem. So please feel free to drop us a message or any comments, we'd love to hear from you.. 

        As we are winding down the year of 09, there are much to thank and reflect upon on the things that transpired this year.. I'll explain more of what those events that transpired and what we here at Ardent will be moving towards to in 2010 in the coming last few days of 2009. So till then, keep the fires burning, egg nog running.. wines sipping.. as most of us would have an long and I hope to say fruitful year, whatever it is, Christmas is a time for friends and family.. 

        Merry Christmas everyone! Drive safe and have a good one! 


Adrian & Jacky

December 18, 2009 02:34 by Adrian


        Its a week before Christmas.. hope everyone's geared up for the Christmas festive cheers! In the mean time, lets continue with some introduction on Product photography.. 

         For Ardent, we have a wide range of product photography, not in terms of what we take but rather on the number of lights used and the number of set up used as well..  as everything bores down to effort and time taken for each shot.. so a menu shot can be said the basic product photography package that we provide while a shot like below, is more of a higher end.. 

          The photo below again isn't the final product.. frankly I don't think I've ever published the final product due to respects to the client as the photos are still being used by them.. 

           Anyway, let me leave you with the higher end product photography that we @ Ardent take.. and when compared to the one much earlier, its obvious that here @ Ardent, we give you the value for the amount that we charge.. also thanks to our perfectionist nature, it helps being stubborn in ensuring only the best our client gets..

            Till the next time..  


Adrian Y. 


December 16, 2009 11:07 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

           This article is about product photography.. the photo below is not the final photo but rather just one helluva delicious cup of coffee that became my 'model' to test the lighting.. and which found its way into this article..  

            As the saying goes, a painting is worth a thousand words.. so can a product photo, make or break your marketing in terms of increase sales.. I can't stress it hard enough that a good product photo (obviously taken by a professional such as Ardent.. ahem ahem.. )  brings out the best of the product and draws people to buy.. 

           Anyway, I'll write more about this soon.. and in the mean time I'll leave you with this tantalizing cup of coffee..  yeah I drank it a bit.. Cool 


Adrian Y. 

December 15, 2009 09:32 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

           Its been a while since I got time to update this site.. much to ado to the Christmas seasons.. tons of promotions, events and not forgetting weddings as well.. We were at Pavilion recently to cover a fashion show and had some time to linger and just take some random snaps of the Christmas deco brought to you by Pavilion KLCC. Last year, it was a white Christmas, this year, its way more colorful as the photos will show..  



The view from above.. and of course some Christmas decorations as well..  



Abstract shots are everywhere, if you know what to look for.. I love the design as well as the texture that gives it a better feel / gradient to the eye..  

Ah.. one of the things I love about Pavilion is that they hired a band of musicians led by one wickedly talented saxophonist.. really do enjoyed their own rendition of the standard Christmas carols.. 

There.. the maestro in action.. unfortunately this fella really doesn't want to pose for a good shot and I didn't want to move around to get better shots as I preferred to just enjoy the music and not get kicked out for annoying the crowd..  

            I hope to be posting up a few more articles this month but if I don't.. Ardent would like to wish all of you a Happy Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010 New Year! There's a lot of new things coming for us in 2010 and will keep all of you informed of our journey.. 

            Stay healthy and happy everyone!


Adrian Y. 

December 1, 2009 17:00 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

            Whao, Nov and Dec is one hectic period for us here at Ardent.. This is what I consider as 'Happy' problems, as it helps expand and promote Ardent's quality photography out to the rest of Malaysia. It Christmas time and Robinsons had their Christmas Launch in early Nov and here are a quick run through of a sample of photos. The rest can be viewed in Robinson's website here

             The photo below is to give the viewer the feel of a large crowd eagerly awaiting for the opening of the Christmas Launch event. With the sea of heads flowing towards the Robinsons sign as well as the Christmas tree on the left of the photo, brings together a few key words, Christmas, large crowd and Robinsons..  Every photo we take is purposely crafted to give a message to the viewer.

Below is another interpretation of the same message as above..   


The photo below is just to illustrate the length of the queue that stretches to quite a distance towards the other end of The Gardens Mid Valley. 

And the shutters are raised and the crowed comes in. Key things, people coming in, people holding gift bags and staff giving gift bags.. 

Of course the flow of crowd entering Robinsons along with the necessary Christmas deco that signifies the event..  

2 models posing, wearing Sorella designed outfits.. What's she holding there? 

Yeah ok.. the photo below is meant to provide some clarity on the card she's holding..  that's all.. honest..

Trust me..  


Then of course, Christmas won't be complete without carolers right..  

And who can miss Santa? A one helluva photo taken when everyone's giving Santa their UOB credit card.. I guess that's one way to make sure you are on Santa's Good List..  Typical Malaysian.. Hey Santa, boleh settle? Cool 

Photos of Santa reading some children stories to .. well.. children of course.. Smile 

And of course the fashion show.. The same gal I've met during Robinson's 2nd Year Anniversary.. she's such an angel, never fail to pose for me.. Anyway, finally got the chance to say hello and gave her my name card.. for friendship purposes.. trust me.. Cool 

Some other photos from the fashion show.. 

The models of the fashion show taking a group photo..  

Some of the other fellas with cameras taking their fill of the models around them..  seriously, you can have the best equipment ever which will all comes to nothing if you start taking photos with such 'style' or more precisely lack of...  aiyo uncle, style la sikit.. Cool this uncle looks like a peeping tom la.. 

Ah.. there's also a string quartet..  

The shot below, taken at 200mm, 1/50s..  its all in the timing.. Cool

So how do one send a message of a musical instrument playing a particular type of music? well, the shot below does illustrate that perfectly...  

        Of course.. the ever so beloved MC, Ms Hannah Tan in a purple dinasour barnie dress, posing alongside two winners with their Robinsons gift vouchers.. 
         So there it is.. this is what we do here @ Ardent.. we strive to give you the most natural photos without sacrificing any color or feel towards the image.. 
         Anyway, I hope to have more time to update this blog, hope all of you extend us some patience as we juggle between work, work and work.. Cool Have a great week forward...
Adrian Y.