August 24, 2009 06:14 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

          Posting up another opening for Twins Sport now in Kajang..  Here are some of the snippets of what was taken.. the rest of this portfolio is already up and running on our porfolio site..  


Now the picture below is one took one helluva dedication my part as I had to brave the loud firecracking sounds while I patiently wait to squeeze a shot as the shot taken below.. I wanted to project the firecracker in action type of photo and thus with the sparks flying around emphasise the effect.. 


Actually, this shot was meant to provide an intimiate view of the details of the lion's head.. and of course the nice reflection which includes me in the centre.. Cool 

Later, we had some VIP guest national shuttlers Lee Wan Wah, Chan Chong Ming and Chew Choon Eng having 2 friendly matches with one partnering former world No 5 doubles champion and co-owner of Twins Sport Kajang..

Photography as I've said many times before is all in the timing..  the shot below was taken with one single shot and not in any burst machine gun mode.. Even with the shot below, there will be a split second in which Lee Wan Wah slows greatly in mid air while awaiting the shuttle to reach the critical smashing zone.. and in this time is which the shot below was taken..

Do remember not to use any flash photography as it is very distracting to the players and of course unprofessional..  

The shot below is taken with a f/2.8, 125msec @ 14mm with an ISO of 1600 .. This is unfortunately the max that it can go unless I opt for a D3 and I can push one further stop thanks to its ISO3200 and probably get the shot when Lee Wan Wah makes that critical contact with the shuttle... To be honest, I doubt even with a 250msec shutter speed is possible, these national players use their rackets like whips, maybe 500msec.. anything slower will just be a blur.. 

So the shot below is what the best can be done short of being in a Studio set up..  

         That's all for now, feel free to browse the portfolio section for some of our other events that we covered.. I'll post more up when I get the time.. 


Adrian Y. 

August 21, 2009 07:34 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

           These are some of the backlog projects done way back in June that I didn't have time to publish up but its all up and running.. here are some of the pictures here but do view the rest in our portfolio section here or the non flash porfolio here. Below are the pictures of the Twins Sport USJ19 Badminton Centre opening. 


The above picture was my artistic interpretation to highlight the date of the event. With the flow of shuttlecocks providing a flow towards the circled date which also creates depth to the image while a slight photoshop to brighten the red circled date to further emphasise it. 

The above image, I wanted to create a feeling of spaciousness of the hall as well as creating a 3D feeling of realism to the image. This was also created to help provide 'usable' images to our client, for them to use these type of images for their advert needs. We @ Ardent look to not only record the event but to also think of images that clients can use. 

The crowd in the hall after completion of the under 18 doubles tournament awaiting the prize giving ceremony. Have a great weekend ahead! 



Adrian Y. 

August 10, 2009 12:51 by Adrian

 Hey everyone!

              Now ok, lets have a break from drinks and the night life to talk about one of the yummiest topic in town.. food! so lets start with this place at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park called Rajah Brooke Cafe.. Rajah Brooke a.k.a. James Brooke if the first white Rajah of Sarawak.. the rest of his biography can be found here. So yeah its no surprising that this place serves up Sarawak inspired dishes..   

The front of the shop looks like so..  nothing fancy.. simple.. but we aren't here for the deco are we..  

The inside of the cafe..  

Another view towards the inside of the cafe.. 

The mid section view..

Ok, now for all my visits here, there's only 1 drink and 1 dish I always order.. till the day I get bored of it, then change.. hehehe.. anyway my favourite drink is the one below.. the famous Sarawak 3 layer tea.. the top layer is tea, then the milk and finally gula Melaka.. 

Unlike so many other places which serves this drink which can be either too milky or too sweet, this place, its just perfect.. just can't stop sipping.. trust me..

And my favourite.. Kolo Mee.. although some are saying this isn't the true 100% Sarawak Kolo mee.. I'm ok with it.. don't forget to order with the special imported Sarawak mee rather than the standard Hakka Mee.. 

A closer crop of the Kolo mee.. yummliicous.. Cool 

Anyway catch you guys soon.. take care..


Adrian Y. 

August 3, 2009 03:17 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

          Hope things have been going great for all of you as much as things over at Ardent's side.. Apologise for the late updates and all, its been a quite busy for us.. will really need to find time to start updating the portfolio section .. hehehe to clear the back log..  Cool 

          Anyway, these are some of the shots taken a few weeks back during Ben's stint at Sky Bar.. 

          I had this amazing angle with the 14-24mm lens that creates a realistic depth to the image plus having the KL tower nicely at one corner (as compared to it directly on top of his head) adds to the distance to the image.. 

          Here are some of the unique cocktails Ben's knocking out..           

         First of.. the Sunset Sipper.. now this is a blend of vanilla, pumpkin puree, ginger ale and top of the line belvedere vodka.. seriously, everything compliments one another to the point none of it is distinct making it one helluva tantalizing joy ride for the senses.. 

ahh.. a more manly drink.. stronger.. called the Silk Road..  smooth and strong.. unique in its own way.. 

For the ladies.. I introduce you to .. the 'feminist' ...  yummilicious..  according to the women trying it out.. trust me..  a mix of strawberry, lime wedge, some X-rated liqueur (don't ask me how's it made.. ) and vodka.. ultimately sinful.. 

Then we had the Straits Cobbler..  a mix of pineapple chunks and Captain Morgan's spice rum.. add some vanilla syrup and deco with lime wedge .. and you get a really happy photographer.. wheeee...  in taking beautiful cocktail pictures.. of course.. 

    Ok now for some other random images taken that night.. 

    Nice and ice cold.. champagne anyone?

    Below is Jacky, modeling to promote Ben's services.. behind her is Vincent from TWE nicely sipping away while the remains of all the wondeful cocktails made by Ben that has came and gone ceremoniously laid infront for everyone to see..  

Now.. after seeing Ben, I manage to find his rythm and take some more action shots of this fella.. everything is about timing and photography isn't much different.. there is always a few split seconds of sanity in Ben's routine which is where I pull the trigger.. 

Below is another on the spot action shot with the KL tower in the background.. had to compose fast and just take that one shot.. no machine gunning for the pros.. one shot one kill.. ala sniper..  

Had to take the shot below.. which is a glass of freshly poured Red Bull.. the tiny lines at the bottom of the glass is actually the concentrated sugar moving around.. zoomed in enough, one can actually see it..

There.. can you see those things at the bottom? subtle but its there..  


Not sure what this is named, probably a lychee martini with belvedere vodka.. taken zoomed out at 200mm.. 

Again demonstrating that its all in the timing.. zoomed out at 200mm, this person is the waiter picking up the lychee martini to be served.. and in that split second, there is calm.. this shot is taken 1/6 of a second, held steady 6 stops slower or 2 stop slower than what is possible with the VR activated (Nikon stated that the VR can give a 4 stop advantage)  ... Of course we could have taken this shot at 1/3 sec zoomed in at 200mm but the person will move by then hence this speed was at the edge of freezing everything.. 

This is also taken at 200mm, 1/6s .. one shot..  

A photo of a margaritta.. I think.. looks yummy got to say..  

This is Ben's Fig and Clove Mojito.. seriously, nobody does Mojito like Ben.. refreshing.. you so got to try at least once.. and every other mojito will never taste the same..

I didn't get this drink  so I had to sneakily snap this .. 130mm, 1/6s .. easy peasy.. that's Vincent's sexy hairless hand by the way.. oops.. (its smooth and silky due to the depth of field but going to just bug him anyway)

Another yummy cocktail with a cheery on top..  

Yeah.. Michelle and Jacky being all buddy buddy..  


            Michelle and Vincent's gang of the night..  here at Ardent, we specialize in night events, bringing out the richness in color and contrast irregardless of how dimly lit it is.. No more of those spotlight type night photos and unbalanced lighting causing heads to shine bright with everything else dim.. here at Ardent we go for the natural look, what you see is what you get down to the ambience and skintones.. 

            That's all folks.. had to leave early for the next day's round of activities.. early as in 12am, thanks Ben for all the great drinks and seriously damn you for raising our standards to such a level that no other mojito or margaritta tastes the same again..  hehehe cheers bro! till the next time.. 


Adrian Y.