January 30, 2009 10:43 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

        Whao, Chinese New Year this time around is no different from any other.. streets are quieter, skies are clearer and business slows down.. Hopefully by Monday things will crank back up to speed.. the usual forecast of jams with everyone returning back from their hometowns this coming weekend..

        We @ Ardent are also taking a break from the crazy workload a week before..  with all this free time, I guess its only right for me to write a bit on our experiences in this photography line..

And today we'll focus on memory storage SD and CF cards from a Photographer's point of view..

What I want from my memory card is quite essentially three things.. 

Data Integrity.. Meaning that the data doesn't get easily corrupted or lost.. now that's easy enough.. just don't get those immitation memory cards which is slower and more unstable than the original.. sure you save a few bucks but the increased risk of losing any pictures is like a death kneel to your photography career..  
Oops, sorry boss.. could you re-do your marriage ceremony? kinda lost all the pictures.Yell 
Even if you aren't doing a photography job, pictures that you took are slices of time and nothing will ever wind it back for you to take another shot at it.. (Even machine gunning the camera won't help you as the gazilion pictures of the same thing is still stored on the same card..)
Size .. This of course is dependant on the picture quality, picture type (jpeg/raw/nef) and type of camera (Megapixel dependant).. anything that allows me to shoot one complete event without worrying about running out of space..  but not big to the point that I've start using it to store movies and mp3s as well Tongue out
Want to know whether that photographer shoots Jpeg or RAW/NEF? easy! just look at their memory card size..  I think the largest SD card size at time of writing is at 32GB.. just barely sufficient for 250 RAW/NEF pictures of 12MB each to fit.. My memory card is only 4GB, sufficient to hold easily 600 JPEG Fine pictures.. The debate to shoot RAW/NEF vs JPEG won't be addressed in this entry.. later!
Speed ..  Transfer speed may not look like much but imagine transferring 4GB worth of pictures or if you are that super RAW/NEF shooter, 32GB (worse case scenario) the waiting time is enough to drive you up a wall.. a tree.. or whatever high that's worth driving up to.. 
I'll recommend those higher speed memory cards such as from SanDisk.. 


@ Ardent, we are currently using for SD cards, this lovely morsel.. the Ducati SD Plus and the Ultra 2 SD Plus.. I fell in love with this simply because I can literally walk around with my camera and just plug out the SD card and into any USB.. seriously, would you expect me to carry my card reader everywhere I go? 
The other good thing is that in USB mode, the transfer rates are up to USB 2.0 where as even with the high speed SD cards, it is ultimately Card Reader dependant..
A tip for CF card users
For those who's thinking of buying the Extreme IV 45mb/sec CF cards, in order to reach that speed (the main reason why you bought such a card in the first place) you'll need: -
  • A specialized Card Reader
  • That uses the large FireWire cable.. 

In saying so, laptops are OUT since all laptops uses those tiny firewire cables.. and how many desktops have those large firewire slots anyway? So forget about taking this damn expensive card reader to a cyber cafe and expect it to plug and play..
The best is to get the Extreme III 30Mb/sec (get the newer version which is 30Mb/sec where as the older one is at 20Mb/sec) along with the Extreme III USB reader.. which works with any USB 2.0 port.. 
End of CF Tip 
So there you have it.. the things to consider when purchasing memory cards for your photography career.. we @ Ardent are currently using all SanDisk memory card related products.. haven't actually seen those SD Plus on other brands tho I may be wrong.. 
That's the end of this entry.. catch all of you later..
Adrian Y. 

January 29, 2009 03:09 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

         There's been requests on creating some interesting wallpapers from some of the shots taken by us.. so not to disappoint, below are the preview and the downloadable wallpaper files below it.. the wallpapers are sized at 1024x768.. Of late, we've not been able to capture that many flower pics tho hopefully opportunity to do so will appear along with the chance of taking really interesting landscape shots.. well I hope that you'll enjoy the pictures as much as we loved taking them.


Adrian Y.

DSC_0800.JPG (135.54 kb)


DSC_3059.JPG (116.52 kb)


DSC_3235.JPG (110.29 kb)


DSC_3916.JPG (126.35 kb)


DSC_3925.JPG (137.18 kb)


DSC_3932a.JPG (134.11 kb)


DSC_3937.JPG (138.21 kb)


DSC_3957_1.jpg (108.39 kb)


DSC_3977.jpg (131.64 kb)


DSC_3980.JPG (133.59 kb)


DSC_3999.JPG (130.82 kb)


DSC_4001.JPG (138.70 kb)


DSC_4070.JPG (125.36 kb)


DSC_4090a.JPG (131.86 kb)


DSC_4330.JPG (115.22 kb)


DSC_4362.JPG (162.51 kb)


DSC_4365.JPG (146.43 kb)


DSC_4369.JPG (165.79 kb)


DSC_4371.JPG (145.13 kb)

January 26, 2009 15:23 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

We @ Ardent would like to wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year! May this year bring you and your family good health, better wealth and tons of prosperity (not the prosperity burger from McD ya!)

Do drive safe and ang pao mali!


Adrian & Jacky 

January 23, 2009 09:12 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

     Whao, We @ Ardent haven't stop working yet ever crossing the New Year of 09.. Apologise for all the delays in posting up pictures.. So lets continue..

A few weeks back, Clare invited Jacky and myself over to meet some of her wicked friends, first picture is taken at Zouk Aristo where Clare's friend Donovan (Resident DJ) is playing.. 

After which we moved camp towards Space @ The Loft KL (Asian Heritage Row @ Jalan Dorasamy KL) to meet up with Glen and a few of her other friends.. 

Breaking with tradition again, one cool Brit wanted to take pictures with my camera which I obliged..  

Just on the next table, there was a birthday celebration and these were the pictures taken of them.. 

Below is Clare and her friend from France.. 

While leaving Space, just took a quick snap below.. 

Didn't take that many pictures of the surroundings as it wasn't an official event.. The whole place has a concrete feel from the chairs to the tables.. all made of cement / concrete type of materials.. but they placed cushions strategically in areas which your butt somewhat lands on.. and nifty light linings around which just gave a different feel to the place..

The MoMo Penang pictures are already up under the work section (Events II) or click here to view them.. Chinese New Year 09 is at our door step and we are all buzy doing all the necessary preparations.. Till then.. have a great long weekend and don't forget to drive safe!  


Adrian Y. 

January 12, 2009 17:53 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

How's everyone's 09 been? We @ Ardent sincerely wishes everyone all the best ya!

I just manage to get a small window of time to publish the photos taken during Bauyen's dinner gathering to celebrate her marriage last December 2008.. The dinner is held at Jarrod & Rawlins at Damansara Heights.. 

With respect to our client, the photos can only be released now after receiving the green light from her.  

So please do enjoy the pictures where the bulk of the photos are in the work section of this site here for your viewing pleasure. I've enclosed a small preview images below of the event.

Kekkee.. Fui Yen showing up late VIP style and getting a healthy dose of Bauyen's wrath.. dun play play wei!  

The groom needs to find his wife just by elbow identification! touch touch touch.. hhmm.. touch some more.. if you look at the full album under the work section, all I can say is that the gal in the blue dress tried later to be more aquainted with her own albow..  pictures do speak a thousand words.. Wink

In another rare moment, the photographer got his picture taken.. everyone in the photo are my school mates from Sekolah Menegah Damansara Utama batch of 1997. 

That's Bauyen's French hubby being swamped by intoxicated Malaysian females.. ain't sure if that's a good thing since his wife is just next to him with what appears to be a choke hold on to his neck..  Cool

So that's about it, there's a few more pictures especially the full catalog of the MoMo clubbing event in Penang to publish.. I hope to do it within this week so keep checking in ya!


Adrian Y. 


January 9, 2009 03:56 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

We've been swamped with work ever since the new year.. with projects to deliver with sexy tantalizing deadlines (had to somehow self-motivate these days), I hope that I'll find some time this weekend to process the over 200+ pictures from two photography events into the work section and a preview here in this blog.

Till then..


Adrian Y. 

January 3, 2009 18:30 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

This is a bit of a back post of an event just after Christmas..  of course it's just a short glimpse of the pics which after being fully released to the client and his approval will be posted under the work section of our site. So here I present to you the Island Dance Party of 2008 @ Club Momo in Penang..


That night was really unfortunate for me personally as I was unwell (coughing my lungs out, oh by the way, do remember that you'll have to fork out 2x when going to Hospitals for treatment.. mine costs me a cool RM 170+ which didn't cure me in time anyway.. ) So if any of those lovely gals below some how manage to find this site, yeah I know I'm suppose to pass you my contact for the pictures but oopso.. my bad..

So do drop me an email.. adriany@ArdentExpressions.com and as a security to prevent any pervs from getting these pictures, do let me know what I was wearing that night..  

I'll post more pictures of this event at a later date.. as there were pictures of KL DJ's such as SAM Chiko, Sashi Blue, GMix from Aloha and Clare Large from UK.. Till the next time..
Adrian Y. 

January 3, 2009 08:17 by Adrian

Hey ah Hey!

December was filled with events and tons of pictures to process, develop, deliver and post.. there's a huge back log and I'm hoping to get everything cleared and sorted out before Chinese New Year..

There are 2 projects which I've not yet posted up on Ardent's site yet as its still pending delivery / approval from the client and I'm hoping that will be soon.. Can't have too many back logged stuff or it'll just end up in the procrastination bin and will never see the light of day.. you know how that works.. Cool

Ok, lets continue with our Penang's travelog..

This is the view of the famous Penang bridge framed by the hotel curtains in my room..  

Later we headed off in search for food.. which by Penang's standard is never more than a 5 minutes walk in any direction.. mine was just 3 minutes walk out of the hotel..  

I decided to try out the Penang char koay teow.. the sign below is really misleading as the spacing in between the words really would have meant Char Koay Teow + Fried Rice mix.. Cool oh well.. anyway anyone from KL, RM 4 for a Char Koay Teow (small) is kinda standard.. now as in December of 2008 on wards.. gone were the days small = RM 2.50.. price of things have greatly skyrocketted to the planet of belt tightening fetish.. 


Anyway to my amusement.. RM4 in this shop in Penang will get you.. about this much..  

I've placed my old and trusted buddy k800i phone next to it for comparison.. tho to its defence, there are 2 big prawns there.. The taste? superbo! There's another famous char koey teow which you'll pay even more and have to wait a good 30 minutes for one plate.. didn't bothered with it as my trusted Penang guide Ben Ng didn't think it was that great to justify the 'suffering' required in terms of money and time just for that..  

Ah this is the 2nd hotel that we stayed in Penang.. Sunway Hotel.. not bad.. located about 1 KM from Komtar building.. tho personally I preferred BayView hotel as its next to Momo, Moist and SOHO clubs... you know.. for logistic reasons... Wink 

I've seen a few famous photographers taking pictures of brides coming out from wooden doors.. and me spending most of my life in KL/PJ area, have no idea where in hell did they get those type of buildings to shoot from.. only did I realize that in Penang, just opposite Sunway hotel, there are rows and rows of these type of wooden door like old school feeling type of buildings..

So I decided to take a snap shot of one.. just put a gal in the middle, shoot it with a wide angle lens and walla.. you get a professional bridal portriat.. cough cough.. or so it seems..  

Ah.. Penang.. in KL we got our Berjaya Times Square.. in Penang.. you'll get the ordinary out of the mill Times Square (without Berjaya = Success wording).. its not open yet tho.. and besides in our trip in Penang, we've never not once set foot into a shopping mall..  

Had to take a picture of this dude.. in Penang, wherever you decide to park your car, there's always SOMEONE who'll ask you to pay a RM 3 car park fee.. that someone can be just about anyone..  

While walking around, at the first corner, this is what I saw.. a row of food stalls just waiting to start business.. it was about 2pm.. at 3pm this quiet stalls will be all busy bees serving thier hotest dish to many paying customers.. 

Walking further down.. I encountered "The Advance Computer Centre" .. Somehow it just didn't work for me..

Went back to the hotel and took some evening snap shots..  

Got to really say, the view is serene and just melodic.. not quite like KL with all the towering buildings around..

The next and final day in Penang.. Mylen brought all of us down to the beach again.. in Batu Ferrenghi.. 

Below is some random gal enjoying the breeze at the beach.. 

And of course a picture of our Penang Macha.. Mylen.. 

Jacky & Clare..  

Enjoying seafood and chicken tom yam.. do be prepared to pay tourist prices for these.. 

And the best of all.. the guest houses along the beach.. the most famous of em all is the 'Ah Beng Guest House' .. Unfortunately there weren't any Ah Lian guest houses next to it.. Frown 

In departing Penang, we decided to take the ferry back..  

Its a good decision as it was already around 6+ and the sun was just about to set which is perfect to take some nice parting wide angle shots of Penang.. 

Ah and at the golden 5 minutes of sunset..  

Ok not exactly perfect but by the time I took that last picture, the ferry was about to dock.. 4 hours later driving in the dark and with continuous rain throughout our journey back.. we finally reach KL at around midnight..

Till the next time..


Adrian Y.