December 30, 2008 18:56 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals,

We've travelled down to Penang back on Christmas day departing KL at about 10.30am for 2 back to back events down at Penang island on Fri and Sat.. 

and this is our journey.. 

Strangely enough, the whole journey was cloudy.. not a single ray of direct sunlight shined through.. it didn't rain tho there were plenty of low lying clouds around that made me question whether I took the wrong road and was heading up to Genting Highlands instead Laughing

Ah, when you see mountains being carved like so? you are definately in Perak..  

If you look closely, at the top there are those mini bulldozers.. seriously its just to show the scale of the entire operation.. takes guts to drive up there.. more so during the rain..

After leaving Ipoh Utara, you'll end up paying another toll and begin driving up the hill.. and instead of a grand master with white beared to greet you, instead you get a big hole.. in a form of a tunnel.. like so.. 

And as right on cue, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.. whew.. 

After driving for another hour or so (depending if you are a law abiding citizen or another Malaysia boleh hero), you'll past Perak right into Kedah where you'll see a few padi fields and pass a river.. 

Soon you'll past Kedah and touch down in Penang mainland.. another 30 minutes or so you'll end up here.. with the rest of the penang kias.. queuing up to enter the Penang bridge.. seriously, I thought KL jam was bad, Penang bridge jam? well.. you should try to believe.. tho fortunately, I didn't get the worst of it..  

One sign that I found cute was this sign, which counts the number of road accidents since Jan of 2008.. whao.. someone actually keeping count..  

Cheh.. only 17! good track record right? 

Oops.. 176.. strangely enough, there isn't much those liquid paper or signs of the number being repainted again and again.. technically it should have a total of 176 coats of white and red paint overlapping with each number change..

Just when I was thinking of that number change.. I saw this.. 

Aiya.. tambah satu lagi ooi! (add one more to the count!) You would think that they should have those flip number cards.. simple! 

The picture above is the star of the Penang bridge.. as you can see there are construction on both outer side of the bridge as there is a 3rd extra lane being built to accomodate more cars.. Problem is that at times, I heard that 1 of the functioning lane will be closed to facilitate the build of the 3rd lane which luckly is handled in the middle of the night.. and unlike KL, on the Penang bridge, being stuck in traffic here even at 1am in the morning is a possibility! make me love KL all of a sudden..

Approaching the island.. yay! 

Upon reaching to the island, our good friend Ben Ng took us to his favourite coffee shop near his house to taste one of Penang's finest asam laksa.. got to say, the soup is really good.. not those diluted stuff.. loved it! 

And yes, the legendary small portions of Penang is true.. I took this picture along side with my K800i phone as comparison to the size of the bowl.. the length of my phone is the diameter of the bowl! damage to wallet? RM 2.50 ..  

You see, the trick is not to eat much in Penang.. you eat a bit here.. go around then eat a bit some more later..  where as in KL, you gorge up one big meal and last for hours.. don't believe me? in Penang, kopitiam at 3-4pm is FULL HOUSE! in KL? you won't find any food at this hours.. 

Like Ben said to me, in Penang, you'll never go hungry..  unfortunately he didn't say I wouldn't go broke either..  

After meeting up with Ben, we met up our client Mylen and his UK DJ Claire Large..  we ended up seeing a bit of Penang such as the Thai Buddhist Temple.. 

That's Claire.. taking one of those tourist type photos..  

The largest sleeping and standing buddha in KL is in the buddhist temple in Brickfields.. I said KL.. if you said largest in Malaysia? Penang is the right place.. let me present to you, the largest sleeping buddha.. 

And tallest standing buddha.. 

After that we decided to head down to Batu Ferringhi.. the famous beach spot in Penang island.. I was wearing long pants and leather shoes.. to Mylen's amusement called it James Bond shoes.. on a BEACH! damn fool.. nobody told me I'll be at a beach straight upon touching down to Penang bro! Tongue out

Mylen.. a really cool funny fella.. an indian that curses in fluent chinese.. Cool in Penang, the way those fellas drive? one needs to curse to release pent up anger or the island will just end up killing one another.. think of it as a anger management technique.. seriously.. trust me.. I'm an expert.. just don't ask what.. keke Cool 

After that we headed down to Mylen's house to sample some of his mom's famous fried chicken.. unfortunately that macha forgotten to inform his mom.. Claire later told me that his mom's cooking is superb.. in which adds another reason why I should kick Mylen where .. well his mom is super nice.. wouldn't want to rob her of proper decendents.. lucky Mylen..  Laughing

On coming back, we took the ferry.. to give us a different feel of travel since we all already used the bridge.. why not try another way..

In Penang, you only pay to go TO the island and nothing to come back.. so the Penang bridge will cost you RM 7 where as the ferry will eat up RM 6.. the journey is quite fast and smooth but this is dependant on the tide and the height of the waves..  

Yes.. its extremely windy..

Since we didn't eat any dinner, we decided to proceed to Ben's recommendation for dinner.. at some indian food place at New World Park.. strangely kept reminding me of Jurassic Park New World some how.. Tongue out 

The food there was amazing! had plenty of papadums.. yumm.. Later we went on to a club called SOHO..

Its quite open in Penang.. the ground floor of SOHO, you'll find tranvestites.. other places you'll find gays as well.. anyway we decided to be safe and hang up upstairs instead..

Normally, the music here isn't that loud but on that day.. upon entering we were greeted with a technorized version of Ghost Busters.. we bolted out of there 10 minutes later as it was so loud we couldn't even hear one another.. that's even after SHOUTING at ear shot.. jeez..

Anyway we decided to call it a night and just headed back to the hotel.. 

This is the view from the 10th floor of the BayView Hotel..  That's the famous KOMTAR building in Penang..

That's all for this journey.. there are plenty of pictures to come especially of the sexy chicks during that hot event in Penang.. I'll let you know what I found out about Penang night life and the gals there.. its an eye opener I must say.. more later!


Adrian Y. 


December 30, 2008 10:34 by Adrian

Hey everyone!

Things haven't stop moving since reaching back KL from Penang.. tons of overdue pictures to process.. so lets get started shall we?

Ok, these are the pictures of what went down at the Curve.. Here's Ardent's Christmas angel, Analene posing along side Ardent's resident photographer, Jacky..  

Where we sat was kinda strategic to take these before Christmas pictures.. 

So far so good.. tho there were tons of 'horny' devils around..

Of course, Christmas won't be Christmas without the designated Snowman or in this case snow woman.. 

Even the devil can't help but to turn white.. 

Everyone's dousing everyone.. 

And what happens when you have a sea of people surrounding a cool Christmas tree armed to the teeth with both hands of snow sprays?

I present to you, the White Christmas in Malaysia.. 

And the group picture.. breaking with tradition, me in the picture..

Well that's about that.. New Year's Eve is going to be even more happening with MBPJ closing specific roads and is the designated area for MBPJ to launch their own NYE countdown.. ought to be great! Will keep all of you posted!


Adrian Y.  

December 28, 2008 20:15 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

How's your Christmas celebrations? We just got home not too long ago after our event in Penang which is called

The Island Dance Party 2008 @ Club Momo Penang

There are tons of pictures to sort through for prints and delivery.. and of course we'll be posting some here as well for your viewing pleasure. Its a bit late after a 4 hour drive from Penang.. damn blur cow.. We @ Ardent would like to thank the following people in no particular order: -

Mylen - The crazy nut fun but yet strangely amazingly capable (a rare mix) dude from PowerHouseAdAgency.. arranged all our accomodations and some sight seeing around Penang.. Thanks dude! .. Oh yeah, wore your helmet recently? Cool

Ben Ng -  Thanks for showing us one of the finest asam laksa as well as one indian curry house.. as well as help on navigation when we get lost around Penang.. kekkee.. our own personal human interactive GPS.. Cool

Claire Large - A real straight up DJ from London.. spent most of the time hanging out with her and its just simply fun.. believe it or not we have the exact same birthday.. down to even the year! 

DJ G-Mix, DJ Sam Chiko and DJ Sashi Blue - DJ's from KL's Aloha club.. seriously its been a pleasure meeting up with you all.. professional and yet keeping everything cool and fun.. just awesome..  

Ok.. its time to head down to sleep..  more later..


Adrian Y. 

December 24, 2008 20:23 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

We just got back from The Curve @ Mutiara Damansara.. early as we need to drive down to Penang for 2 spectacular events back to back.. Just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas from us @ Ardent.. all the best ya.. drive safe and don't drink and drive! Will be posting more pictures of everything soon but right now its time to say good night...


Adrian & Jacky 

December 24, 2008 06:29 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

We @ Ardent would like to recommend to you Godiva.. sent directly from Chocolate heaven to Belgium that which is now available to us Malaysians @ KLCC and Pavilion..

To celebrate this year's Christmas, we've decided to get a few boxes of these lovely Chocolate orgasmic delights.. seriously.. for you guys out there.. did something wrong? well give your gals Godiva and you'll be making things up in no time!

I can imagine the conversation going like ..

Guy : Hey.. you know that paint can? some how when I walked past, it dropped and gave some color to your fav chiwawa...

Gal : [uncomprehensable ultra high pitch ramble..]

Guy : Oh yeah, by the way here.. [shoves a Godiva Chocolate into her mouth]

Gal : [shuts mouth, tastes, moments of silence, eyes closed.. slight moan...]

Guy : SCORE! oops did I say that out loud?

kekke.. but unfortunately, this chocolates will burn a hole in your wallet faster than a magnifying glass in high noon.. with prices such as :-

Truffles 100g = RM 69

Normal 100g = RM 59

There are some Christmas packs in which I bought some from a lovely naughty gal called Jessica.. who laughed at her colleagues misfortune encounter with the floor..  

So here are the pictures.. first of all, I got some nifty Godiva cards.. I wouldn't call it Greeting cards as its completely blank other than the Godiva gold emboss.. so it could be a 'To Boss, I resign.. Whippieee!' type card instead.. your choice..

If you purchased those single chocolates (goes according to per gram) then you'll get a simple package like so with a godiva sticker like wax chop..

Ok and now the Christmas package.. costing around RM 80+ for 9 chocolates (After 30% discount) .. 

And its contents.. 

So if you are looking for a sure fire plan.. get these chocolates.. and it might just be a really HELLELUYAH Christmas after all...


Adrian Y. 

December 15, 2008 18:11 by Adrian

Hey hey!

Congratulations to CK & Jane from The Embershoppe @ The Curve in Mutiara Damansara on their 1st year anniversary! which was held last night.. it was a packed event with people both in and outside.. all busy enjoying themselves awaiting some of the competitions such as rolling ciggs competition to be held later that night..

Jacky and myself was unfortunately too tired and didn't want to over extend outselves and had to leave.. the good thing is there were others willing to take pictures of the event..

We @ Ardent are pretty easy going, not meaning that we are professionals we MUST stamp our territory (unless if its a paid event then of course we'll do what is necessary to get the job done).. neh.. frankly our behavior also reflects that of our host CK.. and besides.. do we really need so many pictures of the same thing? don't want people to get flash induced 'star gazed' looks going back home..

So these are the only pictures taken by me that night.. as requested by Mardi.. That's Ardent's good friend Ben Ng who's covering his face in sheer shame of being linked to Mardi who's allegedly gay.. kekeke Cool

Tho hide as much as you can, its just a matter of time before Mardi gets his day.. luckly bro, you ain't bending over to pick up that bar of soap.. Wink 

There was another event on last Friday, 12th of Dec 2008.. those pictures will be posted either in the work section or on this blog once our lovely client gives the green light..

Till then,


Adrian Y. 

December 10, 2008 04:48 by Adrian

Hey guys & gals!

We've decided to chill out at Zeta bar last Saturday and go visit Louis and his band.. to enjoy their music before their contract ends on 2th January 2009..

KL Hilton is really an up market area.. every entry point has 2 guards that will check your car's undercarage and boot for bombs.. and the main entrace to KL Hilton is never short of a Ferraris.. last Sat the count was 2 Ferrari's neatly parked and tucked for all to see.. Le Meridian on the other hand although its the simese twin of KL Hilton, doesn't quite enjoy such high class show of fancy cars and I'm also guessing VIPs..

There was some free time to roam around KL Hilton and these are some of the pictures around..

Of course.. a blog entry of Zeta is never complete without pictures of the band members.. 

And our friends Amin from FCUK and his companion.. 

That's all for this round.. With Ardent's busy schedule in the coming days, I'm unsure that we'll be able to visit this band before they leave.. the next band is a 5 all gal band.. think Pussycat Dolls I guess.. Cool 

Just sneaking in here is a picture of Euphoria with their new funky sign board.. granted that I've not set foot in Euphoria for a few months now (they have to wait their turn!) but did so last Sunday to collect my Euphoria Inner Circle card.. 



Adrian Y. 

December 9, 2008 09:52 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

Waho this coming week 11th, 12th and 14th is gonna be really hectic.. but I guess its not good to question good things but just open with open arms.. even if those same arms cramp up and fall off.. Cool 

Anyway as good photographers, we need to scout the areas before hand at times.. usually we have to reach the place early and do the necessary 'walk around' and determine the proper lighting and do some test shots before the whole event starts.. 

This is a photograher's homework actually.. and in line with our professionalism, we've scouted out Jarrod & Rawlins @ Damansara Heights last saturday.. for the shoot on the 12th..  So here's the glimpse of how J&R looks like..

Frankly this is the first time I've been to J&R.. after being traumatized by Mr Ho's pork wonderland @ Mid Valley.. seriously that dude's food almost made me turn my back on siu yok..  and was afraid to try any of these german deli style of foods... anyway that Mr Ho's pork wonderland closed down and turn Carin Pharmacy.. I guess its the shop lot's way of redeeming itself since falling from grace.. Tongue out

So here I am, giving J&R a chance to change my mind ... so lets start with the opening view when one steps into J&R.. this used to be a bangalow house turn restaurant..  

We've met a cool guy Gobi which I told him reminded me of Gobi Desert.. near Mongolia.. seems like these dudes all fail geography but hey, I need them to serve me good food and not a geographical lesson so I'm cool with it.. Cool 

J&R is splitted into 4 distinct floors.. upon entering, you'll be greeted with the food counter..

then if you take a small flight of stairs up, you'll enter the fine dining J&R style.. the picture is the glimpse of the fine dining ambience that awaits.. 

Then if you take another flight up, you'll be greeted with the bar..  

And last but not least is at the bottom floor.. which holds most of the function/events and unfortunately mosquitos as well.. 


So far, the place has an extremely cozy feel to it.. not bad ambience..

Now all we've left after the tour is to sample the food.. so off we went back and pick our 'meats' from the deli counter..  If you head down there, go meet the supervisor there Gobi.. a really amazing and cool fella.. and seriously he knows his stuff.. right down to wines.. since my last encounter of a dude trying to introduce me white wine when I ordered nasi goreng.. is sufficient to say that a lot of people out there don't know nuts about their wines or food but this guy passed with flying piggies.. yumm...

Anyway this was the first victim.. melted cheese on top of portobello mushroom.. you know the ones used for Carl's JR portobello mushroom burger.. yum.. delicious.. seriously this is the only few seconds that the mushroom was left unattended.. after which somehow all was left was just the plate.. burp.. Wink it wasn't me.. trust me.. 

Ok here's the main courses.. 3 sausages of different flavors.. the most spicy of all is the dynamite flavored sausage.. seriously this isn't for the light hearted.. but for me its just perfect.. even dipped into french mustard and english mustard (has a similar kick when eating Japanese wasabi) .. seriously all of the sausages didn't have any overwhelming porkish smell and flavor.. it was just a joy.. a surprising one.. so damn you Mr Ho.. 

The picture below is just the pork bacon and fries.. oooh god that onion sauce.. which was meant for the mash potato.. try dipping the normal fries.. yummilicious.. damn.. I did ask if there was a job opening.. burp..  


So far, this place got Ardent's recommendation certification (if one ever existed in the first place) .. Strange as it is, I'm not sure if I'll be shooting pictures while taking fries dipped in onion sauce breaks.. such a distraction..  kekkee Cool

Ok, till the next time..


Adrian Y.