October 31, 2008 17:37 by Adrian

Whao.. what a night! Just got back from one helluva fashion show @ 1 Utama. 
There are tons of pictures to sort out .. going to look at it tomorrow.. the bed never look and feel so .. ZZzzzZzzz
Two events back to back is really tiring but hey, meeting really fun people makes the whole night worth while..
Special thanks to Patrick Chong, for bringing us to the event. Serious dude, all the effort was really worth it, kudos, an amazing show! Now go get some rest as you beginning to look like a zombie inconjunction of tonight's holloween theme. Good timing I have to say!
And thanks also to : - 
Amin, Sue Ann, WeeSien, Grace Wong and Serena Tan (because of girls like Serena, photographers like myself .. aiyah susah nak cari duit la.. Wink) .. Seriously, it was an amazing pleasure to meet all of you and I really do look forward in getting to know all of you better.. especially after sufficient sleep! 
Not forgetting the people that made this event happened, the sales team at FCUK 1Utama..

The amazing and sassy guys and gals of Gamut & Tangs... 

Lucky Amin.. or shall I say the Rose among the thorns? oops..  

The staff of FCUK 1Utama ..
Ok.. till next time..
Adrian Y. 

October 31, 2008 08:25 by Adrian

Whao.. last night was definately different!

What was suppose to be another Midouri Night turns out to have morphed into Cleo Fashion Awards night.. where all the top retailers are awarded.

Well we didn't take that much pictures of the award itself since Cleo has already engaged 2 other photographers for the event, it won't be nice to 'be in the way' of their rice bowl. Kinda a professional curtesy and besides we are way too busy enjoying the cocktails that our good friend and mixologist expert Ben Ng conjoured up.  yum!

Anyway below are the pictures taken last night..

That's the stage of which the Award Ceremony is held.. nothing fancy but ok never than less.. I guess their budget went towards their CLEO Fashion Show which will be held if I'm not mistaken in Pavilion. Date? terlupa..

Met some of Ben's friends.. Now, doesn't the blue just stands out..  kekeke.. I made you look!


Oooh some of the delicious tiny dishes served that night..

Another yummy food.. small but yet power packed in taste.. yum..

Rowr.. a free advertisment for Tiger beer..  Wink 

Ah.. there's Ben..  making cocktail heaven one perfection at a time.. amazing..

Look at him shake his thang! such gusto.. well too bad James Bond ain't gonna see that action since he's a stir not shaken type of dude.. 

The Midouri inspired cocktail..  didn't manage to get the name of it but boy was it delicious! perfectly blended together with taste rivaling a symphony orchestra.. 

Another cocktail prepared by Ben.. stronger taste which stands out well after the sweeter drink above..

Ahh.. finally Ben's off work and posing with his pals..

Manage to take a nice picture of Jacky with one of the gals from the Band..

The band will be playing until early next year @ the Zeta bar KL Hilton, so do make a point in listening to the live band there.

Met two cool dudes from FCUK, but due to the scandalous nature of the pictures, its not posted here. This is to maintain the friendly family environment theme that we have here @ Ardent.. right... Cool


Adrian Y.

October 29, 2008 16:57 by Adrian

Its approaching the end of the year and still plenty of events happening around.. 

Lets see a sample of the events that's happening: -

1. 30th Oct 2008 : Midouri Night @ Zeta Bar KL Hilton - Invited by a good friend of Ardent's.. Ben Ng

2. 1st Nov 2008 : Meet & Greet event @ The Embershoppe. Come and meet the Master Cigar Roller Alfredo Andrés Pino.   

3. 4th Nov 2008 : A big event happening @ The Rain Bistro in Kelana Square - Will update when I know what's it about.

4. 9th Nov 2008 : Yap Twins Sport Management is hosting their 2nd Annual Graduation & Award Ceremonial Dinner 2008.

5. 11th Nov 2008 : The official Launching of The Rain Bistro

Keep checking in and pictures of each event will be published as soon as possible. Well Ardent isn't sitting around doing nothing ya!

Oh yeah, lets squeeze an update on Ardent's Zippo advert @ the Curve..  So far approved by the Lightbox designer and Curve management. Now just awaiting one other photo to be approved and walla.. Ardent's advert will be proudly showing in front of The Embershoppe entrance, you can't miss it! Cool 


Adrian Y. 

October 28, 2008 07:56 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals!

        Initially I wanted to post all 69 (nice number) pictures here but realize most of you would just end up scrolling like mad through the pics.. So I took the liberty to port it into Ardent's work section under Events. Now all you need is just to sit back, relax and enjoy the jazz music and let the scandalous pictures rolling by.. Just click HERE

        If any of you guys and gals wants prints or the softcopy version just drop me an email : adriany@ArdentExpressions.com and give me the picture number. Or just say the secret password and thau shall receive the 'rest' of the pictures.. ahem ahem..  

p.s. No its not Abracadabra.. Only Mardi gets to be Aladdin.. Tongue out 


Adrian Y. 

October 28, 2008 04:05 by Jacky

3 days of weekend (including Deepavali on Monday) has just ended.. sigh.. really wish I can have one more day to spend on just lazing around.. Tongue out Kinda lying to myself as I know it will never be enough.. haha..

It has been quite a hectic weekend though.. First, my niece was sick with flu, fever, and cough.. for a 6 months old little toddler, she seems strong enough but then quite pitiful to see her from being active to being passive now Frown Then comes the Pot Luck event on Sat night which me and Adrian had attended.. we were there from 6+pm until 12+am.. very tired after that but it is indeed a very fun event.. lots of food going around especially the green chilli chicken.. Syiok!!

Sunday... It was the day where I can really just relax around, thinking about nothing, letting myself to recover from the past hectic weeks of work, work, and work.. Now I feel better so much better after letting myself relax..

I hope everyone else also had a fun weekend just as well..

Catcha later.



October 26, 2008 18:47 by Adrian

Hey guys and gals.. yesterday was one helluva pot luck.. lasting from 6 to about 12.30am.. 

All I can say is that last night's Halal Noodle Research paid off.. and paid of it did! with interest.. everyone loved it..  unfortunately the credit can't go to Ardent as our calling isn't about being the best Mee Goreng 'Cookeder' (the name I heard while watching 'Mind Your Language' looong time ago).. rather its about capturing scandalous pictures for sale.. Cool

Everyone had a great time.. tho one thing was missing.. there were unfortunately no Indians around to seal the 'Deepa' part of the celebration.. So I guessed ultimately it was Raya Pot Luck kinda..

The food was amazing.. we had green chilli chicken rendang which was fantabulous (so good until its worth my time to check on the spelling on that word).. Chicken curry was nice.. but what was interesting was Soya Bean Jelly in a tube! I got to say, Jones is a genius to come up with that packaging.. by the way he offers 'sex' as well.. Nothing is what it seems @ the Embershoppe!  Francis did a great job in preparing the soya bean.. and Vincent who made it look like... white stuff in a plastic tube.. that looks like.. No! there isn't any picture.. use your imagination..

After Vincent's stunt, it was no surprising that Jones came up with the idea.. of packaging white soya bean in a plastic tube..

All in all it was a fun night.. 

I'll be checking with CK to see if he wants the photos printed.. as much as people say about digital photographs.. nothing beats printed photographs.. it just feels more authentic and just engages the crowd rather than flashing images onto a monitor.. just doesn't have the same feel..

Anyway I'll see how the pics will be handled.. some of the pics may or may not be posted here or in face book  ... Erm.. is this the time to give a certain group of people that night ardent's bank account number? Cool

It was so scandalous that some gal wanted to give me a kungfu panda death pinky move.. I'm printing that picture in 8R.. 

Met up with a gal Esther.. who's really sweet and had really good taste.. she's the only one who wanted a picture with me! lucky gal.. and ok fine.. lucky me as well.. would have wished to have more time.. Sorry baby, got work to do.. next time ya!


Adrian Y.  

October 25, 2008 05:20 by Adrian

Last night was a real weird night.. never in my wildest dream that I would have thought to have ended my Friday with.....

Halal Noodle Research!

For the sole purpose of getting fat.. :P well I can't since my clothing will start to strike on me..  Its for a good cause.. for a Deepa Raya (Deepavali and Hari Raya Combo) celebration ala pot luck style @ The Embershoppe which starts around 6pm today Saturday 25th October 2008.

We headed down to Uptown to search for the best Halal Noodles.. Can you imagine going up to a shop and asking for Kueh Teow Goreng, Mee Hoon Goreng  and Mee Goreng and having to sample each ala American Idol Judges style.. minus the high pay, large Coke cup and Simon Cowell.. :P

In the end, this is what we summarized..

Chinese cooking style serves better Mee Hoon Goreng and Kueh Teow Goreng while Malay styles serves a kick ass Mee Goreng. It was the best among all 3 hence we ordered for 30pax of Mee Goreng for tonight.. Yum! 

We @ Ardent would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim friends and Happy Deepavali for our Indian friends.. and Happy Holidays.. for the 'dan lain lain' / 'others' .. Cool Drive Safe! 


Adrian & Jacky 

October 21, 2008 02:48 by Adrian

We @ Ardent are actually pretty tied up with product shooting of the entire inventory of YS Lighting & Electrical Equipment.. 

So here's the good and bad about it..

Baaaad - Over 100+ items of varying sizes, shapes, color and reflectance..

Good - Perfection isn't required due to the limited time and sheer numbers of items to photograph..

One item takes about 10 minutes on average to snap.. this includes light setup to fit the item and a few test shoots.. Items that are extremely reflective pose the biggest headache but thank god speed is more important than perfection.. if not, going by Ardent's standard, I will be taking 3 times longer depending on the item.. 

Of course, perfection costs more Time, Energy and Money.. We are flexible to our clients budgets.. of course one can't expect Perfection to be cheap..

That's why I've lovingly placed one of Ardent's sayings as the title of this post.. Good things aren't cheap.. Cheap things aren't necessarily good

This also applies to portriats.. really good portriats take a lot of time both to set up the lights, background etc.. and to talk to the 'star' of the shoot in order for him/her to relax.. 

The human eye is rather sensitive to these things.. we can detect subtle facial reaction that can betray the subject's true feelings whether he/she is relaxed or just plain uncomfortable..  

Only then the shoot starts.. everything before are just preparation work.. and tons of it!! my god..

And 1 out of maybe 100 shots, a masterpiece will rise out from the flames of sweat and hardwork.. which makes everything worth it.. 

That's the passion and love of photography that we have here...

We hope to finish our shoot by this week...


Adrian Y.